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English Literature question For chapter 14-24


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Where did mickey work
Down at the Base
what are some of the stuff did mickey bring home
Magazines with glossy pages
Slabs of meat
Comic Book And
sometimes a bottle of wine
What will Tantie palyily say Mickey brought home
two dead-crapaud
where did mickey say his boos was sending him
To New York
what did tantie do after mickey told her the news
she like she was hit and then continue ti wipe the table
What was the first excuse for mickey not to go
They don'much like black-poeple up there , yu know
what did Mickey protest that he will be alright in New york
That it was whiteman sending him
what did tantie say that mickey can have when he went to N.Y
Allthe pretty-shirt and saga- pants
when did tantie say that micvkey say that mickey was coming back
when she ol'and blind
For how long did tantie say that mickey was coming back what was he go to do
for a week to sun his backside and run-back
where was mickeyto stay
Strandveiw Hotel
In What atmosphere did they eat dinner that night
in silence
What was the radio show that tantie listen to at dinner time
mary price,midlands housewife, mother
and confidante
What did Tantie say was thae show
Damn Shit
What did Tantie do during the show
Cheupsing her contempt
What were some of the uncessry task did tantie do after did
Battering imaginary dust off chair and rubbing at a brass plant-pot
What did tantie say N.Y was not
What is yee's father's NAME
where did Aslewyn Live
what did tantie called england
Golden Gates
what did Tantie say Selwyn Had to do before she could allow the childrern to go to england
he had to bring God and He Mother
What did Mickey call Tantie
Whio had to sign the paper that mickey had and why
Who wwas responsible for him(tnatie)and because he was not yet twenty one years yet
What did come to tee's and Toodan extreme horror
Micket Had tears to his eyes
what did tantie say mickey and her came to be
Two Man-rat in the same hole
why did tantie sign the paper
because she said she could not stop him
What did toddando after he stop talking
Explore the tourist shops and fountains
What was uncle sylvester making knowing comments on
propellers and immigrantion officers' cap
what was mickey fumbling with when he came out of the his room looking like a stark uniform
Papers aznd bags
List Three things that Tantie gave mickey to carry into the venture into into the desert of New York City
Tamrid Jam
Coconut oil pone

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