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I Have A Sister My Sister Is Deaf


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I repeated
like mine
hear the tune
is special
we climb
swing backwards
catch my legs
hear me
to go with me
to the grassy lot
she understands
who listens
in the grass
my fingers
just my fingers
old shoe box
into a box
It's a ball
It's a dog
I repeated
once more
just like
she smiled
want to go
do not understand
tell me with words
with her face
on the table
brought out
with her hand
in the living room
on the street
to the suddent
in the wind
the sweet tones
hung up there
hear the branches
on the shelf
on the street
I wonder
the garbage cans
who is afraid
my sister's attention
cannot hear me
of her eye
on her arm
neighbors will complain
gentle voice
friends ask
I tell them
on the sound

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