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Old Chapter - Austin's Bio Midterm Review


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During the coldest part of winter, what is the temperature of water at the bottom of the lake?
2 degrees Celcius.
Why does a lake not quickly get hot during the day and cold at night?
Water has a high specific heat, it takes a lot of energy to change the temperature.
What part of water is partially positive?
How did zebra mussels get to the Great Lakes, and why are they so dangerous to the natural Great Lakes species?
Zebra muscles got here by clamping onto boats which travel to the Great Lakes, they’ve messed up one of the niches of another organism, they do not have a natural competitor so they have a high population.
How far away from the sun is the CHZ?
93,000,000 miles away.
(or within 10% of there)
What does Sellenium do for the body?
Prevents blood clots.
Why is pure water a poor conductor?
It has not salts in it, so electricity has a hard time getting through.
What affects primary productivity?
The rate of respiration by the autotrophs.
What is a community?
All the livings things in a given area.
What is runoff?
Water from precipitation that runs along the ground to nearby bodies of water.
What do xylem and phloem do?
Xylem takes water up the plant and the phloem brings food and nutrients down.
What happens to the water vacuoles when the stomata opens?
The water vacuoles fill up.
What is the largest aquifer in the world?
The Ogalala Aquifer.
Where does ATP get recharged?
In the mitochondria.
Where is the best place to find a chemosynthesizing autotroph?
In extreme conditions.
Where do plants store energy from the sun?
In the bonds of glucose.
What Great Lakes fish does not age?
The sturgeon.
What is the movement of water through rocks and soil?
Percolation or seepage.
What are the nine planets, in order?
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
Can heterotrophs make their own food?
What non-native species to the Great Lakes competes with the cattails?
The purple loosestrife.
What non-native species to the Great Lakes sucks the blood of its prey?
The Sea Lamprey.
How would you describe a lake full of nutrients?
As a eutrophic lake.
Where can you find the greatest reservoir of carbon atoms?
Dissolved into the oceans as CO2.
Where are sedimentary rocks formed?
On the bottoms of lakes and rivers.
What does the prefix Eu- mean?
Good or true.
What did ancients use bogs for?
Burial grounds.
What is it called when you produce nitrate from ammonium?
What bacteria performs nitrogen fixation?
What process is used to synthetically produce ammonia?
The Haber-Bosch process.
What two things are mixed with saltpeter to make gunpowder?
Sulfur and coal.
What is the chemical formula for smog?
What is the chemical formula for laughing gas?
Is nitrogen fixation oxidizing or reductive?
Where is the greatest quantity of Nitrogen found?
It the atmosphere as N2.
What kind of lake is an oligotrophic lake?
Clear, with little plant life.
What organisms make phosphorus available for plants?
What domain always lives in very extreme conditions?
Domain Archaea.
What are the levels of classification, in order?
Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species.
What is the classification of humans?
Eucharya, Animalia, Chordata, Mammalia, Primate, Hominid, Homo, Homosapien,
What gives your hair its color?
What was the longest era in the earth's history?
The Precambrian Era.
What was the ear of dinosaurs?
The Mesozoic Era.
How many high energy bonds are there in ATP?
What is the name of the sugar used in ATP?
What is the Greek word for core?
What is the scientific name for fat tissue?
What are the cell walls of plants made of?
What are the cell walls of bacteria made of?
What are the cell membranes of animals made of?
Phospholipid bilayers.
What is another name for one billionth of a meter?
One nanometer.
What EM wavelength does human DNA absorb the best?
260 nm.
What base in your DNA can for a dimer with itself?
What repairs thymine dimers?
DNA Photolase.
What is an acute adverse effect?
An immediate adverse reaction upon exposure.
The lack of what neurotransmitter causes Parkinson's disease?
What neurotransmitter causes dilation of the blood vessels?
What is gluacoma?
When fluid in the eye does not drain out properly and builds un in the ducts.
What is the function of Acetylcholine Esterase?
Breaking apart Acetylcholine.
What are the "antlers" of receptor glycoproteins made of?
How wide is the synapse?
50 nm.
What are the Nodes of Ranvier?
The spaces between Schwann cells.
What book did Rachel Carson write?
Silent Springs.
What toxin has effects similar to ergot?
How are X-rays dangerous to DNA?
They ionize water, creating radicals that cause DNA mutations.
What do Xeroderma Pigmentosum victims not have?
DNA Photolase.
Why is DDT so dangerous to birds?
It makes their egg shells very weak, making it very hard for embryos to develop properly.
What company poisoned the waters of Love Canal, New York?
Hooker Chemical.
What is the active ingredient in Agent Orange?
Where is the poison for poison-tipped arrows obtained?

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