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Depression 2


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How can you make money on the stock market?
Buying a stock from a company and having that stock increase in value
List 5 causes of the Depression
Overproduction, installment buying, uneven distribution of money, high tariffs, world-wide distribution of trade after WWI.
What is meant by Overproduction?
Overproduction is when business or manufactures produce more than what is being bought
What is meant by Uneven distribution of money?
During the 1920's money was distributed unevenly between the rich and middle class and between industry and agriculture
What is meant by High tariffs?
The US increased tariffs(taxes) on imported goods from Europe by up to 100%. This caused lack of imported goods.
Name the 3R's of the New Deal
Relief, Recovery, Reform
Give an example of a Relief program
FERA - Federal Emergency Relief Administration
Give an example of a Recovery program
FCA - Farm Credit Administration
Give and example of a Reform program
FDIC - Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
Name all the New Deal measures that were meant to help farmers
deficit spending, raise taxes, increase inflation
What was good and what were the criticisms of the AAA?
Pros - Helped farmers have money to spend
Cons - High prices passed to consumers
Who was supposed to be helped by the New Deal program CCC?
18-25 year olds
Who was supposed to be helped by the New Deal program FDIC?
Who was supposed to be helped by the New Deal program Social Security?
Old aged and handicapped
Who was supposed to be helped by the New Deal program FCA?
Define "pump priming"
to stimulate the economy, the idea was for the govt. to pump money into the economy to get it going again
How was TVA socialism?
Because it is government owned
Why did the FDR "court packing scheme" fail?
Because people did not want the President to have so much authority
The didn't want the 3 branches being messed with
List 3 ways that the New Deal was financed
Inflation, deficity spending, raising taxes
Who was the President when the stock market crashed?
Herbert Hoover
Who was the Democratic President elected in 1932 and 1936?
Author of the Grapes of Wrath?
John Steinbeck
Clarinet player know as the "King of Swing"?
Benny Goodman
Who said "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself"?
Founder of the FBI?
Attorney General Charles Bonaparte under President Teddy Roosevelt
Most famous criminal of the 1930's?
John Dillinger
Ran the WPA
Harry Hopkins
Ran the PWA
Harold Ickes
President from 1896-1900, 1900-1901
William McKinley
President from 1901-1904, 1904-1908
Theodore Roosevelt
President from 1908-1912
William Taft
President from 1912-1916, 1916-1920
Woodrow Wilson
President from 1920-1924
Warren Harding
President from 1924-1928
Calvin Coolidge
President from 1928-1932
Herbert Hoover
President from 1932-1936, 1936-1940, 1940-1944, 1944-1945
Reform program which built dams and power plants in Tennesee
Reform program that urged business to adopt a "code of fair practices"
NIRA - National Industrial Recovery Act
Reform program that made banks prove they could operate soundly before they could reopen
Emergency Banking Act
Reform that encouraged farmers NOT to produce
What country had a civil war in the 1930's and who gained power?
Spain - Francisco Franco
What treaty does Adolf Hilter renounce?
Treaty of Versailles
What happens to Adolf Hitler after he renounces the treaty of Versailles?
He is thrown in jail and writes Mein Kampf
What country does Adolf Hitler invade in 1938?

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