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Tillman's Semester Exam


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What was the most important part of Chinese society?
Government jobs were given to people based on merit
How did the ideas of Confucius influence government?
People traded information along with goods
How do new tools and ideas spread to other cultures?
They learned how to create fire
What allowed humans to move to cold climates?
Conquering other lands
What was Wudi's main goal as emperor
A public market
What is an Agora?
The military
What did Ancient Sparta spend most of its resources on?
What did Indians depend on every year?
Tribute paid by weaker city-states
What was one source of wealth for Athens?
Uniting Indian kingdoms
What is Chandragupta known for doing in India?
A large, flat area that rises above the surrounding land; at least one strip has a steep slope
What is a plateau?
Writing was invented
What event ended prehistoric times and started history?
To ensure a pharaoh's place in the afterlife
Why did the Egyptians build pyramids?
People with no settled home
What were nomads?
For the first time laws were written down
What was Hammurabi's Code and why was it important?
Built the Great Wall of China
What did Shi Huangdi build to demonstrate his power and protect his people
Near the Mediterranean
What is Memphis located near?
Became a great sea power
How did the Phoenician's gepgraphy and limited resources affect them?
The rivers there created rich farmland
Why did the earliest cities start in the Fertile Crescent?
Protected rich and poor alike
What did Amon-Re do?
Enabled trade with the West
What did the Silk Road do?
Invention of paper, Sima Qian's Historical Records
What were two achievements under the Han Dynasty?
Where, after death, the soul is reborn in another living thing
What is reincarnation?
The Assyrians built a great library
Why do we know so much about the Assyrians?
What were Socrates, Plato, and Aristole?
The first set of written laws
What was Hammurabi's Code?
What does "philosopher" mean?
Influenced the rulers of China
What were the teaching of Confucius and why were they important?
Use the same currency
What is one way Shi Huangdi unted China (besides war)?
The rivers flood each spring
How are China's rivers like Egypt?
Hindu, Kush, and Himalayas
What mountain ranges border India?
Christianity and Islam
What two religions did Judaism influence?
Greece fell into the Dark Ages
What happened after the Trojan War?
What are the leaders of Egypt called?
Mountains and rocky islands
What was Greece's Geographical features?
How is India's society divided?
Uniting Egypt
What is Menes known for doing for Egypt?
What did food surpluses allowed people to become?
Were allowed to learn new skills and crafts
What was the advantage of a food surplus?
Minoans and Mycenaean
What tow cultures were origins of Greek culture?
People learned how to plant croups
What marks the start of the New Stone Age?
The rise of the merchant class in Greece led to what kind of people?
Made it easier for people to learn to read and write
How did the Phoenician alphabet make life easier for people?
Who taught the Israelites to practice a monotheistic religion?
A religion in Asia, but not practiced in India
What is Buddhism?
They had a steady supply of food year-round
What were the advantages of a settled, farming life for early humans?
Expert Archers
Why were Nubians in the Egyptian army?
Irrigation - built dikes
How did the Chinese control flooding?
What is the earliest known written language?

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