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Immune System flashcards from grade 7


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When you have antibodies against a certain pathogen.
Molecules that immune system recognize as part of the body or came from outside of the body. (uniform)
T Cell
They identify and distinguish different pathogens.
White blood cells that distinguish between different pathogens.
Immune Response
The 3rd line of defense. When phagocytes engulf and destroy pathogens
A white blood cell that engulfs pathogens and destroys them by breaking them down.
Inflammatory Response
2nd line of defense. When fluid and white blood cells leak from nearby tissues. The white blook cells then fight pathogens.
B Cell
A type of white blood cell and a type of lymphocyte that produces proteins called antibodies which then destroy pathogens.
Infectious Disease
Contagious disease, most common cause of health problems. When pathogens get in your body and cause harm.
An organism that causes a disease.
Protein produced by B cells. They act against viruses.

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