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American Studies Exam 1 Review


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Who did the South choose in the Elections of 1865
Ex-Confederates from the South
Freemen's Bueau Bill
Gave feedmen clothing, food, and schooling
The Lost Cause
The South could not secede from the Union
Black Codes
Laws individual states had limiting black's freedom
stubbornly refusing to compromise
a sad event
When Congress disagrees with a president and discards his veto
John Scopes
A school teacher who was put on trial for teaching darwinism
Hiram Wesley Evans
Started KKK in mid-west
Alfred E. Smith
First Catholic to run for President
Black Tuesday
October 29, Wall Street panic, everybody sold their stocks
Protective Tariff
Extra taxes placed on foreign good
Reconstructive Finance Corporation (R.F.C.)
Hoover set up this system that would use the trickle-down theory
2 Causes of stock market CRASH
greed, corruption
Why was Johnson impeached
Openly defied Tenre of Office act Congress passed
1 Part of the 14th Amendment
Prohibited States from depriving all citizens of "life, liberty, and property"
To take away the right to vote
15th Ammendment
all races can vote
Steps of impeachment
1. trial in front of Senate
2. vote for resolution
3. need 2/3 of Congress
Name for decade of 1920
Roaring Twenties
Comical Actor (1920s)
Charlie Chaplin
Rudolph Valentino
famous actor
Will Hays
Hired to monitor all movies
George Ruth
"Babe" Ruth, baseball player for Yankees
Charles Lindbergh
Flew a plane across Atlantic
A rebelious girl in the 20s
Marcus Garvey
Black Jamaican urging blacks to take pride in their heratige
Commercialized leisure
Paying to have fun
National Pastime
house hold servants who did housework
Ludlow Colorado
Mining town controlled by Rockefeller
Coney Island
2 mile stretch with beaches, board walk, fun and games
benevolent corporate paternalism
Comapanys acting "fatherly" by providing for their workers
Not picking sides in a war, and still trading freely
John J Pershing
General hired to chase Pancho in Southwest
Where they killed arch duke of Austria
Triple Entente
Russia, France, and Great Britain
Triple Allience
Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary
Who called who a "flub dub and mollycoddle"
Roosevelt called Wilson
British Passenger ship sunk by Germans, 128 Americans died
Zimmermann Note
telegram from Germany to Mexico urging them to fight U.S.
Fransisco "pancho" Villo
Mexican outlaw who gained power by force
Was Woodrow Wilson a racist
Most significant piece of legislation by Wilson
Federal Reserve Act
Clayton Act
Outlawed unfair competition in buisiness, did not succede
Who created the FTC
Woodrow Wilson
Nickname for Industrial Workers of the World
Margaret Sanger
Nurse and social activist concentrating of birth control
What would provide the final impetus for woman suffrage
Atlanta Conpromise
Idea that blacks and whites could be separated, but treated fairly
Hull House
A spear head for reform
Banning of Alcohol
Social Gospel
Sought to reform society by church
Can you describe the typical progressive
Thomas Lofton Johnson
Mayor of Cleveland, big reformer
Robert LaFollette
From Misconson, first Mayor, then senator, reformer
National Consumers Leauge, cross-class alliance
When the total value of goods goes down for 2 consecutive quarters
public works program
government hiring poor people to build public works
Jacob S Coxey
proposed the public works program
Winner of election of 1896
Democrat of election of 1896
William Bryan
Republican of election of 1896
William McKinley
What party set political agenda for next decades
How did William Bryan change the style of campaigning
He traveled all over and gave speaches
To be blacklisted is to be put on a list that tells other companies not to hire you, you are being boycotted
What was the immediate cause of the Pullman strike
The pay was just cut
What issues did a populist support
Reforms in: Transportation, Land, and Money
Organized labor
Laboring Unions
Terence Powderly
The first leader of the Knights of Labor
Knights of Labor
First mass organization of America's working class
American Federation of Labor
A Labor Union
1870's work day was how many hours
1870's work week was how many days
Haymarket Riot/affair
a small movement that soon escalated into great violence
Gov. John Peter Altgeld
Pardoned three haymarket rioters because he knew punihsing them was wrong
concerted action
working together to accomplish a goal
Uriah Stephens
Founded the Knights of Labor
the right to vote, limited to men until 19th ammendment in 1920
How many states allowed women the right to vote in 1890
Between 1882 and 1892, lynching was increased how much
Lincoln's Primary aim of reconstruction
National Unity
Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruciton
by Lincoln, gave a full pardon for rebels renouncing
Wade Davis Bill
The Bill that declared 50% of a state's voters must accept pardon before allowed back
In 1864, did the President and Congress agree on reconstruction
Lincoln States
The 4 states that passed Lincol's 10% plan
Labor Code
outlawwed wipping but allowed arm to disipline blacks
Sherman Lands
over 400,000 acres given to 40,000 free blacks
What happened on April 15, 1865
Lincoln was shot
What kind of demands did Johnson have for the South
Johnson's plan for Reconstruction
offered pardons to all rebels who said 13th ammendment was correct
states' rights
each state had its own constitution and rights
To excuse
any ex-slaves who were freed by the 13th ammendment
A higher authority taking land, goods, etc.
someone who believes one race is superior to another
providing for oneself, freedom
Who was elected in 1868
General Grant
How did most Northerners feel about Reconstruction
The Supreme Court did it's part to do what to Reconstruction
To end
Who won the election of 1876
Ruthoford Hayes
What other election of the election of 1876 like
Bush vs. Gore
What was good about Reconstruction
It insured abolition against slavery
What was bad about Reconstruction
It took a long time, and it didn't solve issues like women's suffrage
What kind of President was Garfield
He was an honest man
What happened in the election of 1884
There was a lot of mudslinging
What kind of President of Cleveland
An honest man, and a man of the economy
Pendelton Act
established a Civil servise commission of 3 people
Spoils System
awarding jobs for political purposes
What happened to Garfeild
Shot in the back
2 examples of people moving in the 1870-1900 time period
Canadians moved South, and Europeans traveled to America
Homestead Act
Government gave 160 acres of land to any citizen who would farm it for 5 years
Open Range
The fencing in of Cattle
Land Grant
Land that was given by the government, most was given to railroads
People who would never own land
1 Example of a mail order house
Sears Roebuck
Jacob Riis
the author of How the Other Half Lives
What laws became common throughout the South
Jim Crow Laws
Congress approved what test for immigrants
What resulted from the literacy tes for immigrants
Cleveland vetoed it, and it wasn't effective until 1920s
Where was America's Urban marketing center
a society ran by rich
rich people showing their money
mass transit
mass transportation like railroads or subways
Poor People houses
to separate your country from other countries
To expand your country
Open Door Policy
A foreign policy set up by Hay that gave trade access to China to all
Who said "We would take Canada"
T. Roosevelt
Who said "You furnish the pictures, I'll furnish the War"
Who said "a splendid little war"
John Hay
The Maine
sunk off the coast of Cuba, U.S. blamed Spain and declared war
Rough Riders
T.R.'s group he took to Cuba with the army
yellow journalism
Big City Boss
A boss that ruled by machine and had more power than the mayor. Corrupt
William Marcy Tweed
a New York City Boss, caught, then fled to Europe
Thomas Nast
a Cartoonist, made fun of Tweed
a type of brbery that gave the Bosses power
proposers of good government
Hazen S Pingree
A good mayor who beat the Boss in Detroit
John Roebling
Built the Brooklyn Bridge
Louis Sullivan and John W Root
Built finest sky scrapers in the world
A Flat
a small apartment in a poor area
Why is Grover Cleveland Unique
Served 2 non consequtive terms
Who won the election of 1888
Benjamin Harrison
Who saved America's gold reserves in 1895
J.P. Morgan
What was the First Federal law regulating railroads
Interstate commerce Commission Act
Whas the Sherman Anti Turst Act effective after the first 10 years
combining in secret
3 oppressed races in the West
1. Indians
2. Latinos
3. Chinese
Sherman's Indian Policy
Moved Indians to different land so they would slowly die
Dawes Act
gave each Indian a plot of land
Battle of Wounded Knee
Ghost Dance scared soldiers, so they opened fire. Entire tribe of Sioux wiped out
Who killed the Buffalo
the railroads
Buisiness that sells stock
Merging of two buisinesses
small number of buisinesses control the market
Laissez- Faire
"Hands Off"-government does not interfere with buisiness
Social Darwinism
economy has winners and losers, winners make money and live, losers die
J.P. Morgan
was banker, became rich, owned United States Steel
United States Steel
Owned by Morgan, dominated the Steel buisiness

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