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human relations 1 exam basic study guide


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_____ are characteristics that make a person unique
how are values important
-help make decisions
-provide motivation
-help set goals
a father who runs errands for an elderly neighbor
teaches his child values
_____ are guiding principles of right and wrong
moral code
according to Freud, what part of the personality judges right and wrong
according to Maslow's theory, what happens if a lower level need is not met
It commands a person's effort until it is met
where do people usually begin their intellectual development
in the family
the need to realize your full potential is what level of Maslow's Hierarchy
self actualization
self-esteem is most influenced by
What was the important aspect of Freud's personality development theory
adult personalities are mainly shaped by childhood experiences
Freud's theory of personality consisted of three parts, the id, ego, and supergo. He also thought the mind operated on 2 different levels, the conscience and unconscience. Where do people store their unpleasant or frightening thoughts
what is the correct definition for Quantitative change
easily measurable and sometimes obvious aspects of development
what is the correct definition for qualitative change
variations and modifications in functioning
urie bronfenbrenner studied Ecological Development. What were the 4 systems we discussed in class
microsystem, macrosystem, mesosystem, and exosystem
in the developmental theory of heredity vs. environment, what do researchers say, is more prominent in the development of personality
both have the same effect
What is Erik Erikson's theory of personality development
personality continues to be influenced by experiences beyond childhood
language develpment, egocentric, cannot answer why questions
children learn through their senses, put everything in their mouth, end of stage they develop object permanence
sensory motor
stage of abstract reasoning, can answer how and why questions
formal operations
children can reason but still cannot problem solve in their heads
concrete operational
initiative vs guilt
learning right from wrong
intimacy vs. isolation
develop close bonds with others
ego integrity vs despair
reflects back on life
trust vs mistrust
views world as a positive place
identity vs. role confusion
seek a sense of self
generativity vs stagnation
finds self worth helping others
industry vs. inferiority
school age, learning to read, write, etc.
autonomy vs shame and doubt
potty training
when a couple has launched their children and now have time for themselves and perhaps their own parents, they are in the _____
middle age stage
most single adults maintain family bonds with
family members
couples have the advantage of
-having a larger income
-developing closer bonds
-looking to the community for added fulfillment
a legal guardian
is the foster parent of a child
the empty nest refers to
having children grow up and leave home
in the beginning stage of the family life cycle couples tend to
go through many adjustments
what are the substages of the parental stage
expanding, developmental, launching
why do some couples during the middle age stage have a hard time after the kids leave
they don't know their spouse anymore
_____ are generalizations about certain expected behaviors
telling a friend personal information about yourself in order to deepen your relationship is called
self disclosure
a blended family is defined as
the combo of 2 single parents with kids create a family
there is a growing population of single people because of _____
-the high divorce rate
-college and career expectations
-desire of independence
the ___ heals because a person has faith in medicine
placebo effect
which of the following is not a good way to manage stress
trying to control stressors not within your control
which of the following is not a physical sign of stress
psychological signs of stress include
progressive muscle relaxation involves
relaxing each of the body's muscle groups in turn
what is the body's immediate response to stress
fight or flight
stress that has a positive or good effect
a digestive ailment oftern connected to stress. It is a sore or hole in the lining of the stomach
the physical or mental demands that cause stress
the first stage of stress the first physical warning
alarm stage
during acute stress chemicals are released into the body. How long does it take for the body to rid itself of these chemicals
30-60 minutes
_____ is the term for repressed anger
when directing your anger, it is best to use the
what are the 4 areas of stress management
nutrition, exercise, relaxation, sleep
when Mike's parents get into an argument his mom always runs out of the room and slams the door. After his dad will apologize even if the argument wasn't his fault. Mike thought he would try this during their last fight. this is an example of
Mike, so angry from the fight, goes into a depression and starts to over eat. These would be characteristics of
Mike, still angry with his parents,drops the bomb that he bought a motorcycle. His dad replies with "You never listen to what I have to say! You are to sell the motorcycle now!" this would be an example of
Mike, realizing that his dad is pretty upset, replies with.. "I understand that you angry, Dad, but I am 18 and promise to be safe riding my new cycle. This would be an example of
this type of relaxation slows the breath, the heart rate, decreases oxygen consumption and lowers and stabilizes the blood pressure
this type of relaxation is more of a mental vacation a state of mind creating an inner calm
what are the reasons people self mutilate or become cutters
-to relieve stress
-family problems
-drug abuse
a feeling of sadness, worthlessness, or helplessness
the 2 most dominant characteristics of adolescent depression
Acting out; social abandonment
Suicide is the _____ cause of death of adolescents
which is not a prevention skill for helping a friend who may be depressed
leave them alone they'll be ok
the attempter is usually
the committer is usually
to gain time to get special professional help, for a depressed friend, try making a ____ not to do anything until he or she has talked with you
Which is not a warning sign of suicide
crying about a recent break-up
the steps of conflict resolution include
awareness, setting limits, arguing, negotiating, and following up
which is an example of not showing respect during an argument
-deliberately saying or doing things that hurt the other person
-belittling someone whose opinion is different
In what ways could you reduce conflict
-looking for common ground
-learning tolerance
How does violence get in the way of finding a solution
-damages and sometimes ends relationships
-violent people are often disrespected
-violent people don't know how to control emotions
the female gonads. contains between 400,000-700,000 oocytes and also controls hormone production
The thin membrane covering the entrance to the vagina
the male gonads. Made up of coiled tubules in which sperm are produced
the entrance into the uterus
a hollow, muscular, pear shaped organ, where the fertilized egg will grow and develop into a baby
if pregnancy does not occur, the lining of the uterus prepared during the menstrual cycle is shed in
prepararion for a healthy pregnancy begins
far in advance
when a female goes through puberty and begins menstruating it is called
what factors decrease fertility in men
an ectopic pregnancy is when
the fertilized egg is implanted in the wrong place
what is the hormone that is common in both men and Women? It's produced in the pituitary gland
During the first 2 weeks after conception occurs the term used to describe the fertilized egg is
According to doctors, the 1st trimester is the most important developmental wise because the _____ is being formed
nervous system
what month does the embryo change to a fetus
what is the average weight gainof a pregnant woman
25-30 lbs.
which month does the fetus gain the most weight
What temperature is required for sperm production and what part controls this
93 degrees/scrotum
During a vasectomy what part of the male body is altered to no longer be able to impregnate a woman
vas deferens
what is the average length of the entire menstrual cycle
21-40 days
scotty found himself feeling faint at the thought of getting up in front of everyone to speak
physical stress symptoms
susie found herself chain-smoking as she talked to the bill collector on the phone
behavioral stress symptoms
sami was so upset by her boyfriend's note that she was having trouble concentrating on what the teacher was saying
intellectual stress symptoms
shelia found herself crying over the silliest things lately
behavioral stress symptoms
sparty realized he had been day-dreaming in class and had missed the announcement about basketball practice
intellectual stress symptoms
Steve felt his face muscles tense when the other kids made comments about him as he walked by
physical stress symptoms
Sparky broke his hand hitting the wall in anger
behavioral stress symptoms
Stephanie blushed with embarassment when the teacher read her note she was writing
physical stress symptoms

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