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Muscles of the Body


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Attached to bones
Single, Very Long, Cylindrical
slow to Fast
Walls of the Heart
Branching chains of cells
Involuntary; Hearts has a pacemaker;also nervous system controls; hormones
Typically in walls of hollow visceral organs(other than hearts)
Involuntary; nervous system controls; hormones, chemicals, stretch
very slow
Muscle Functions
-Produce movement-enable us to respnd to environment
-Mantain Posture
-Stabilizing joints-muscle tendons that attach muscles to bones cross join reinforce bone position
-generates heat
ability to shorten with adaquate stimulus
Morot Unit
One neuron and all the muscles cells it stimulates
Neuromuscular junction
where muscles meet
Synaptic Cleft
gap between sacrolemal an axiolde teminals
Action Potential
electric current generates as a result of ca+ ions flooding the sacomena
graded responses
"all or none"
muscle twitches
stimulus to muscle followed by contraction and muscle relaxes
frequent stimuli w/o time begin to compltely relax
incomplete tetanus
more complete fusion of twitches
complete tetanus
smooth continuous contraction due to rapid rate of stimulation

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