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Bob Jones Science 9th Chapter 11 Acids and Bases


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The process that a molecule gives up an ion...
ionization 11A
Acids are proton...
donors by creating hydronium ions in water solutions. 11A
Bases are proton...
acceptors 11A
What two men defined acids and bases in terms of protons...
Bronsted and Lowry 11A
What makes a fire ant's sting painful?
The ant injects formic acid into your skin which dissolves into hydronium ions that cause pain. 11A
What acid is in your stomach?
hydrochloric 11A
Foods that contain acids usually taste...
sour 11A
Arrhenius said that acids increase the concentraiton of ________ while bases increase __________.
hydrogen ion H+
hydroxide ion OH- 11A
What do acids do to metals?
corrode them in a single-replacement reaction 11A
Acids react to carbonates and bicarbonates to form...
CO2 gas 11A
Another name for a basic solution is...
alkaline 11A
Why is Ammonia (NH3)a base when it doesn't contain any OH- ions?
Ammonia, a polar molecule, can accept a proton from water, which is the Bronsted-Lowry definition of a base. 11A
What are the taste and feel of products containing bases?
bitter and slippery 11A
We classify acid and base strength according to the...
degree of ionization 11B
Name a common base.
sodium hydroxide
potassium hydroxide
calcium hydroxide
ammonium hydroxide or
aluminum hydroxide 11B
Name a common acid.
Hydrochloric acid
sulfuric acid
acetic acid or
nitric acid 11B
Organic compounds that show a color change when exposed to acids or bases...
indicators 11B
Litmus changes to ____ if exposed to and acid and _____ if exposed to a base.
blue 11B
pH measures...
hydronium ion concentration 11B
Pure water has a pH of ...
7 11B
Solutions with low pH (or hydronium concentration)are____ while solutions with high pH are ______.
basic 11B
Salts are made of up...
negative ion from acid and positive ion from base.
Netralization is..
the combination of an acid and a base to create a salt and water.
To isolate the salt in an acid base reation, you would have to...
evaporate the water.

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