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Bob Jones Science 6th Chapter 8


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How did the Greeks discover electricity?
By rubbing amber with fur and creating a spark.
Who invented the light bulb?
Thomas Edison
Rubbing two objects together creates what?
Static Electricity
What occurs when electrical charges build up on the surface of an object?
Static Electricity
Charged objects with like charges...
Charged objects with unlike charges...
Lightning is...
static electricity.
In order for electrical energy to be useful..
it must have a continuous flow of electrons.
The flow of electricty around a circuit is...
current electricity.
A continuous unbroken path
A material that allows electricity to flow through it easily...
A good conductor...
A conductor that can be moved to bridge a gap in a circuit..
Material that reduces the flow of electrons...
A material that doesn't allow electrons to flow such as plastic, wood, or glass...
A circuit with only one path...
series circuit.
The filament of a light bulb is a...
A circuit with multiple paths...
parallel circuit.
The measure of the amount of electrical push or force in a circuit...
Measure of power or how fast work is done...
1kW =
1,000 watts
The unit used to measure how much current flows through a given part of a circuit in one second...
Watts divided by volts =
A liquid or paste that conducts electricity...
What is needed to make a electric cell?
Two different metals and an elctrolyte connected with wires.
What is different about a dry cell and a wet cell?
The wet cell uses a liquid electrolyte and the dry cell uses a paste electrolyte.
An ocean animal that uses electricity...
electric ray.
These electric cells are rechargeable...
wet cells.
Electrons leave the ______ side of the battery and travel to the ______ side.
Name a machine that uses a wet cell battery...
a car.
A material that has the ability to attract iron..
a magnet.
The area of magnetic force...
magnetic field.
He discovered that current traveling through a wire produces a weak magnetic field.
Hans Christian Oersted
Two scientists who discovered that moving a magnet around or through a loop of wire produces electricity in the wire.
Henry and Faraday
A __________ uses a magnet to convert motion into electrical energy.
He discovered that adding a metal core to a coil of wire increases the magnetism.
A coil of wire with a core attached to an electrical source.
The magnetic force is strongest at the _____ of the magnet.
What is one way magnets and static electricity are the same?
Can attract and repel other objects.
An object with blades that is used to power a generator...
An object that uses electricity...
electrical devices
An object that uses electricity to communicate information...
electronic device
An electric current that carries information...
Electrical signal
In the binary number system, what number represents an open circuit?
A small circuit with all of its parts built into it...
An integrated circuit (IC)
Another name for a integrated circuit...
Integrated circuits signal information by..
opening and closing circuits in sequence.
The brain of a computer...
CPU - Central Processing Unit
Built in memory of a computer...
ROM - Read only memory
Memory that is temporarily stored and is deleted when you turn off the computer...
RAM - Random Access Memory

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