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Whi BEST reflects the influences of humanism on Renaissance music principles of determining dissonance and consonance?
organized by mathematics; judged by human ear; no chagne from medieval theories; followed scientific advances; new intervals estab
judged by human ear
The lute is believed to have originated from which region?
Middle East
Which string instrument was NOT in use during the Renaissance era?
orpharion; bandore; viola da braccio; cittern; violincello;
Which compositional technique BEST reflects influcences of Renaissance "Mannerism" on music?
chromaticism; countenance Angloise; consistent modality; mensuration; musica ficta
The influence of the Reformation is evident in the development of which musical innovation?
contrafacta chorales
The musical resting points of a piece are called _____.
The sequence of chord progressions used iwthin a piece of music are known as _____.
Which of the following is NOT considered a Renaissance-era polyphonic mass genre?
canonic; motto; parody; cantus firmus; intermezzo;
Musical notation places notes on a _____.
Identify the early Renaissance composer that was considered the MOST ingenious.
Martin Luther; Josquin des Prez; Orland di Lasso; Thomas Tallis; William Byrd;
Josquin des Prez
The Renaissance song, El grillo, is about a _____.
All of the following are sacred vocal genres of the high Renaissance EXCEPT:
chorale motet; chorale; anthem; tenorlied; motet
The Italian counterpart to the French Chanson was the _____.
In the Medieval era, the sung portions of the mass were performed as monphonic songs known as _____.
Which of the following was NOT part of musical innovations in the high Renaisance?
mannerism; instrumental genres; contrafacta chorales; commissions; national identity
The growth of late Renaissance instrumetnal music was due to more specific instrumental _____.
Indicate the adjective that LEAST characterizes the atmosphere of the early Renaissance era.
spectavle; sumptuous; display; grandeur; introverted
"Tone color" is also known as _____.
The composer attribued to first employing the principles of Countenance Angloise was _____.
Historical studies are conducted through a process known as _____.
Greek treatises on music are believed to have found their way into Western regions because of the _____.
fall of Constantinople
The foremost intellectual movement of the early Renaissance was _____.
Which of the following BEST describes how exploration influenced the development of the Italian Renaissanec?
built economic wealth; brought more people; imported historical literature; developed international reputation; exposed Italy to outside cul
built economic wealth
Music became more widely available during the Renaissance with the development of the _____.
printing press
One of the most important sources of income for a composer during the Renaissance was in _____.
secular courts
All of the following are sections of the Mass Ordinary EXCEPT the _____.
Choose the instrument that would be MOST closely related to the oboe.
contrabassoon; bassoon; clarinet; English horn; piccolo
English horn
The dominant form of secular song during the early Renaissance was the _____.
The MOST important composer of Renaissance Lute and voice works was _____.
The MOST prolific composer during the High Renaissance was _____.
The regular meter of a musical work is notate by a _____.
time signature
During the Renaissance era, music was composed to illustrate a word or phrase. This technique was known as _____.
word painting
All of the following are High Renaissance secular song forms EXCEPT the _____.
lute song; Italian Madrigal; Parisian Chanson; French Motet; English Madrigal;
French Motet
A couplet is a type of _____.
Musical works that do NOT adhere to a formal structure are called _____.
freely composed
The generic term for a combination of tones is _____.
Which of the following is the lowest female voice type?
alto; coloratura; mezzo; soprano; lyric
Which of the following is NOT a music tempo indication?

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