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Bible points out man's inability to remain______ and how God seeks to draw us into a _________ with him
Faithfull, relationship
The OT was written in_______ and the NT was written in ______
Hebrew, Greek
Matthew quotes Micah and states that a ruler will come from where?
What did John the Baptist preach?
A) Repent B) Baptism
How did Jesus assure John the Baptist that He was the Messiah?
Fulfilled Isaiah's prophecies
Why did Jesus heal the daughter of the Canaanite woman and why is this important?
What does God the Father say at Jesus' transfiguration?
"This is my son whom i love, with him i am well pleased. Listen to Him"
During what season did Jesus make a triumphant entry into Jerusalem?
What type of King did the people want Jesus to be?
What question did Caiophas, the high priest, ask Jesus?
Is it right to say there things?
What question did Pilot as Jesus?
Are you the Christ son of the living God?

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