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Psychology Final Ch.14 Psycological Disorders


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What are four criteria needed for diagnosing mental disorders?
1. Suffering
2. Disability
3. Antisocial
4. Bizarre Behavior
When are mental problems "normal"?
When they are reactions to conditions outside the person (example: poverty)
What are five anxiety disorders?
1. Genaralized Anxiety
2. Panic
3. Phobia
4. Post Traumatic Stress
5. Obsessive Compulsive
What are obsessions & compulsions & what is obsessive - compulsive disorder (OCD)?
Disorder with endlessly repeated thought(obsession) and actions (compulsion)
What is the difference between a hypochondriac and a patient with conversion disorder(Formerly Hysteria)?
Hypochondriacs have exaggerated worry about their health, conversion disorder patients may have diasbling symptoms, but are are indifferent and don't complain because there is a payoff or advantage to their symptoms.
What is the cognitive theory of depression?
Pessimistic thoughts (over-generalizing the bad) cause bad moods.
What are pessimistic cognitive distortions that cause depression?
The explanatory style that sees misfortune as permanent, global, and your fault.
What is Bipolar Mood disorder?
Extreme mood swings with episodes of mania and depression, formely maniac depressive illness.
What is mania?
Bizarrely elavated mood.
What is schizophrenia?
Psychotic disorder with symptoms including hallucinations, delusion, & disorganized thinking.
What are delusions?
Symptoms of bizarre beliefs (examp: persecution by aliens)
What are hallucinations?
Symptoms of bizarre sensations (examp: hearing voices)
What is a personality disorders?
Personailty patterns causing maladjustment.
What are the personality disorders?
Examples include dependent, obsessive compulsive, borderline, and also antisocial personalities.
What is the antisocial or psychopathic personality?
Person lacks a conscience (superego), often deliquent with conduct against the rules of civil sociery.
What is insanity?
Legal term for not competent to know right from wrong.
What is psychoanlysis?
Sigmund Freud's Technique of talk therapy.
Free association?
Say whatever comes to mind!
Do I remind you of your father?
What is systematic desensitization and what is it used for?
Treatment of phobia with relaztion, while visualizing progressively more frightening images (anxiety hierarchy).
What technique does it employ?
1. Practive deep relaxation
2. Construct anxiety hiearchy
3. Imagine threatening scenes (in hierachy) while relaxed?
What is aversion therapy?
A behavior therapy which associates painful stimulus (exap: shock) with a bad habit.
What is cognitive therapy?
Therapy which confronts distorted thinking and ideas which cause disturbance.
What is Rational Emotive behavior therapy (REBT)?
Albert Ellis's Cogntive pyschoterapy for confronting and siputing irrational beliefs that cause disturbance.
What is the perspective of existential humanistice therapy?
They advocate courage, choice, and commitment to goals (hardiness).
Feeling with (listening with emotional undertanding).
What is person-centered therapy? (client centered)
non-directive talk therapy, devised by Carl Rogers.
Unconditional positive regard?
total acceptance, without conditions of worth.
reflective listening?
restating clients thoughts & feelings (like a mirror)
What is drug therapy and how did it revolutionize the treatment of mental patients since the 1950's.
Uses of medicine to treat mental inllness helped bring on desinstitutionalization.
Which category of drugs is used with psychotics?
Antipsychotics (Examp: Phenothiazines)
For what condition are mood stablizers prescribed.
For Mania (bipolar disorder) to prevent mood swings.
When is electroconvulsive shock therapy used?
as last resort for severe depression
What is a lobotomy?
Old (obsolete) surgical procedures to treat agitated patients by cutting nerves in frontal lobes.
What emotion is linked to heart disease?
Hostility in "type A individuals"

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