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earth sci. 1st semester exam reveiw


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what is crustal stress
the forces acting upon the earth
when does a fracture become a fault?
when it moves
any opening in the earth that has released molten rock
vibrations produced by an eq
seismic waves
an ocean wave produced by an eq
movements in the earths crust that occur when rocks suddenly break and release potential energy
the point on the earths surface directly above the facos of an eq
volcano that contains alternating layers os voolcanic debris and lava
composite volcano
magma that reaches the earths surface
volcano that forms from the products of explosive eruptions
cinder-cone volcano
the area along a fault where rocks first break and move
opening through which volcanic material reaches the earth's surface
the hollow area at the top of a volcano
true or false:
p waves cause the most damage during an eq
false l waves do
true or false:
the difference bywn. arrival times of p and s waves is used to determine the focus
false it is used to determin the epicenter
true or false:
most eq occur near plate boundaries
true or false:
the major zone of volcanic activity is found around the Pacific ocean Basin
true or false:
the rapid movement of rock and soil down a steep slope is called a creep
it is a slide

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