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Whitman BUAD 300 Chapter 19


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Quantum technological change
A fundamental shift in technology that results in the innovation of new kinds of goods and services.
Incremental technological change
Change that refines existing technology and leads to gradual improvements or refinements in products over time.
Quantum product innovations
Products that result from quantum technological changes.
Incremental product innovations
Products that result from incremental technological changes.
Product life cycle
Changes in demand for a product that occur from its introduction through its growth and maturity to its decline.
Stage-gate development funnel
A planning model that forces managers to make choices among competing projects so that organizational resources are not spread thinly over too many projects.
Product development plan
A plan that specifies all of the relevant information that managers need in order to decide whether to proceed with a fullblown product development effort.
Contract book
A written agreement that details product development factors such as responsibilities, resource commitments, budgets, time lines, and development milestones.
Core members
The members of a team who bear primary responsibility for the success of a project and who stay with a project from inception to completion.
Concurrent engineering
The simultaneous design of the product and of the process for manufacturing the product.
An individual who notices opportunities and takes responsibility for mobilizing the resources necessary to produce new and improved goods and services.
A manager, scientist, or researcher who works inside an existing organization and notices opportunities for product improvements and is responsible for managing the product development process.
The mobilization of resources to take advantage of an opportunity to provide customers with new or improved goods and services.
Product champion
A manager who takes "ownership" of a project and provides the leadership and vision that take a product from the idea stage to the final customer.
A group of intrapreneurs who are deliberately separated from the normal operation of an organization to encourage them to devote all their attention to developing new products.
New venture division
An autonomous division that is given all the resources it needs to develop and market a new product.

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