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6th Grade WW Lesson 8


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Accompany a'ccom'pany

v-1.To go along with;to be together
2.To play a musical instrument for or with
Thunder often accompanies lightning.
Beneficial beni'fi'shel

adj-Being of use;helpful;favorable
A balanced diet is beneficial to ones health.
Captive cap'tiv

n-One that is held prisoner
adj-Unable to escape or get away
Captivity,n-The state of being held against one's will;loss of freedom
The giant panda rarely breeds in captivity.
Convenient con'vee'neant

Suitable for one's needs;making life easier or more comfortable
Convenience,n-Anything that makes life more easier or more comfortable.
The bus stop is convenient for me because it's close to my house.
Ectasy eck'tasy

n-A strong feeling of emotion;especially joy

Ecstatic,adj-Full of or causing ectasy
The fans screamed in ecstatic when their favorite idol appeared.
Expanse ex'panse

n-A wide,open area or surface
Wgeat grows on the broad expanse of the Kansas prairie.
Expedition ex'pi'di'tion

n-1.A ling journey by a group to explore or do battle
2./A group that makes such a journey
The expedition into the Brazillian rain forest lasted nearly a year.
Inept in'ept

adj-1.Clumsily or awkwardly expressed;not suitable for the occasion
2.Lacking in skill or ability
The inept remark you made at the funeral upset those who overheard it.
Interpret in'ter'pret

v-1.To translate into another language
2.To explain the meaning of
3.To understand in one's own way
I interpreted your absence from the meeting nas disapproval of what we're trying to do.
Invaluable in'val'u'able

adj-To valuable to measure;pricless
The students' help in orginizing the boycott was invaluable.
Linger lin'ger

v-To be slow in leaving or going
The guests lingered in the hall,reluctant to go out into the cold.
Retreive ree'treve

v-1.To get back;to recover
2.To find and bring back
The puppy retreives the stick the children throw in the pond.
Skirmish skir'mish

n-A minor fight or battle
v-To take part in such a fight
The two sides began to skirmish with each other before the major battle.
Supplement sup'pla'ment

n-Something added to make up for something missing
v-To add to
Those who eat a well-balanced diet do not need vitamin supplements.
Territory ter'i'tory

n-1.A particular area of land
2.A land under control of a particular group or government
A dog will defend it's territory.

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