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Chemistry for end of year exams


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What is chemistry?
the science dealing with the elements, the atoms that compose them and the componds they form
What is an element?
any substance that has 1 kind of element gold has only identical gold atoms
What is an atom?
the smallest particles of an element that can exist and still retain all the properties
What is a compound?
a substance that contains 2 or more kinds of elements or atoms
Readily capable of catching fire
Quickly and easily set on fire
the ignition of a cumbustible material
spontaniously combustible
any substance containing oxygen
able to destroy something progressively by chemical action
substance containing radiation
Who invented the bunsen burner?
Robert Wilhelm Bunsen
What was the idea of the bunsen burner?
to mix air and a fuel in the correct proportion to produce a hot,clear flame
The hot, noisy and almost invisible flame when the air hole of a bunsen burner is fully open is called?
a roaring flame
How much is the force of gravity on earth?
9.8 Newtons
What has 2 or more components that are not chemically and sugar
a mixture
What is a solution?
a special mixture where in 1 substance(solute)is dissolved in another substance(solvent)
What is always present in a larger quantity?
the solvent
a solution is either __________ or ___________
aqueous or non-aqueous
An aqueous solution has
__________ as the solvent
What is a suspension?
a kind of mixture where the particles of a solid are uniformly dispersed in a fluid
a fluid is a __________or ________
liquid or gas
give 2 examples of suspensions
dirt and water and dust particles in the air
What is a colloid?
being intermediate in nature between a solution and a suspension
the particles of a colloid are ________than those of a solution but ______ than those of a suspension
larger, smaller
give 3 examples of colloids
starch and water, paint, gels, slad dressing, foams and creams

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