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Respiratory histology


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conducting portion
- airways that deliver air to the lungs
- warm, moisten and filter air
1) nose
2) nasopharynx
3) larynx
4) trachea
5) bronchi
6) bronchi
7) bronchioles
8) terminal bronchioles
respiratory portion
location within the lung where O2 in inspired air is exchanged for CO2 in blood.
- nostrils
- outer portions lined by thin skin
- epithelium becomes non-keratinized
- posteriorly lining changes to respiratory epithelium
- pseudostratified columnar epithelium with goblet cells
- vibrissae ( thick short hairs) filter large particles form inspired air
- vascular lamina propria with seromucous glands
olfactory epithelium
- roof of nasal cavity, on either side of nasal septum on superior nasal conchae
- tall pseudostrtified columnar epithelium
- olfactory cells
- sustentacular cells
- basal cells
- lamina propia: veins, unmyelinated nerves, bowman glands
olfactory cells
- bipolar nerve cells with bulbous apical projection (olfactory vesicle) with extensions of modified cilia
olfactory cilia (olfactory hairs)
- long non-motile cilia extend over the surface of the olfactory epithelium
- proximal 1/3: 9 + 2 axoneme pattern
- distal 2/3 = 9 perpheral singlet mt srrounding a central pr. of mt
- odor receptors
Supporting (sustentacular) cells
- most apically located nuclei of the 3 cell types
- microvilli and prominent terminal web of filaments
basal cells
- rest on basal lamina do not extend to the surface
- from an incomplete layer of cells
- regenerative for all 3 cell types
Bowman's glands
- thin watery secretion
- odorous substances dissolve
- flushes epithelial surface

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