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Ch. 12


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**Compared with the North, the Old South had a higher__________.
Murder rate
Which crops are associated with the Old South?
Tobacco, rice, cotton, corn, vegetable, hemp, wheat, sugar
What are the reasons that cotton became “king” in the South? (3)
-Shaped the South
-British textile industry
-"Cotton Kingdom" - land
Which of the following accurately describes the Upper South and the Lower South?
Tied by Slavery
**One of the ways in which the North and the South were different was __________.
All of the Above
Factories developed slowly in the South for all of the following reasons.
slavery and money
Southern education lagged behind northern education because _________.
Widespread indifference
By 1860 what percentage of white southern families owned slaves?
**What was the largest group of southern whites in the antebellum period?
Yeoman (nonslaveholding farmers)
How many slaves would half of all slaveowning families have owned?
Fewer than five
Life for most plantation mistresses was marked by ___________.
Mulatto children
The typical southern yeoman hoped for __________.
Self-sufficiency and modest profit
Which of the following statements about the white folk of the pine barrens correct
10% of whties
Log cabins, farmed just to eat
Seen as "lazy and shiftless"
How would you describe antebellum southern politics?
Planters = whigs
Yeomen = democrats
Not much tension
+In 1857 a book calling upon nonslaveowning whites of the South to abolish slavery in their own interest was published by ___________.
Why did nonslaveholding southerners support the slave system? (3)
-They hoped to become slaveholders
-Freed slaves would be criminals
All of the following statements are true of the pro-slavery argument, except.
What shaped relations among whites in the Old South?
-Code of Honor
One of the few groups in the **Old South to speak against the dueling, brawling, and drinking of southern society was ___________.
Protestant, evangelicals
How had the American slave population changed by about 1830?
-Male female 1:1
-American born
-English speaking
-Worked on plantation
Which statement best describes the work of plantation slaves?
They worked long, hard hours under task-masters
One of the hallmarks of the West African cultures from which many American slaves had originated was __________.
Infant mortality rate twice that of whites, 1 in 3 children die before age 10
Which of the following is an accurate description of the typical slave diet?
cornmeal, pork, veggies, catfish
What were typical slave mortality rates?
Infant mortality twice that of whites, 1 in 3 children die before age 10
Why were some slaves allowed to work in towns or cities?
Demand for slaves outside of plantation work
Where did over half of all free blacks in the Lower South live?
Cities, urban
Which profession was open to free blacks in the Old South?
Carpenters, coopers, berbers, small traders
Why did the growth rate of the free black population in the South slow after 1810?
-Nat Turner Rebellion
-No more freed blacks after this time
Which of the following was a common form of slave resistance?
-Breaking tools
Why weren’t there more slave revolts in the Old South?
-Not a large majority
-Plantations owners have guns
-No allies
Who was the leader of a slave uprising?
Nat Turner
**Which of the following is an accurate statement about slave uprisings in the antebellum South?
None of the above
(maybe not on test)
Not bloody
What was the pattern followed by most runaway slaves?
-Visit spouses
-Escape punishment
African-Americans’ most common reaction to slavery was _________.
In order for a slave culture to develop in the United States, what was the first prerequisite?
A common language
Pidgin was the _________.
No native speakers but in which people with different native languages can communicate
Why was pidgin indispensable for slaves?
Helped them form own culture and freedom of speech amongst slaves
**Southern evangelical churches generally preached against all of the following activities except ______________.
A comparison of southern white and black religion in the antebellum period reveals that _________.
Interpretation of slavery in Christianity is different
What was the religion of the majority of slaves when they were transported from Africa to the United States?
West African religions
What were the most interracial institutions in the Old South?
Music and dance enabled slaves to __________.
Relieve sufferings
What are the reasons why the Upper South tended to identify with the Lower South rather than with the North?
-Economic ties
What was the status of the black slave family?
-Broad family
-Save 11 family members sold

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