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American History 1825-1861 Honors240


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1. The Whig Party was made up of former Federalists and former Republicans who
advocates of national support for economic development
8. Removing officeholders of the rival political party and replacing them with members of your own party is called the
spoils system
37. Who was the most famous and controversial white abolitionist?
william Lloyd Garrison
1. The 1840s and 1850s in the United States were characterized by all the following
quality of life raised; spectators of entertainment??
2. Which of the following statements best captures the attitude of antebellum Americans about technology
force for positive change; God's choice for man; force for democratic movement; make up labor shortage
13. An urban middle-class home in the 1850s would probably have
french furniture,mirror, waterworls,stoves,fresh vegetable,
1. Compared with the North, the Old South had a higher
murder rate; more rural places
5. One of the ways in which the North and the South were different was
all of above question
9. What was the largest group of southern whites in the antebellum period
neo--farmers (jefferson's ideal society)
slave uprising
three major ones in the South. one of them resulted in whites killed
19. One of the few groups in the Old South to speak against the dueling, brawling, and drinking of southern society was
Potestant evangelical Churches
39. Southern evangelical churches generally preached against all of the following activities except
42. What were the most interracial institutions in the Old South?
2. The main reason most European immigrants came to the United States between 1815 and 1860 was
economic advancement
4. Where did German and Irish immigrants tend to settle in the United States?
urban cities
10. The fate of the Donner party best illustrates
harzard of pioneers
13. Presidios were
forts constructed by Spanio in southwest
24. The Senate rejected the treaty annexing Texas drawn up by Secretary of State Calhoun because
it allows slavery
32. In the United States, opposition to the Mexican-American War included all of the following reasons except that _
U.S. was not capable to beat them
46. Why did Mormons undertake a trek to Deseret?
not a nice place
3. The issues behind the Compromise of 1850 included all of the following except
the scott case
5. What was the cornerstone of the southern defense of slavery?
constitution state right
the Lecompton constituion
kensas slavery

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