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BJU spelling 6 King's English


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The Latin word professio means "declaration" and comes from the word profiteri, which means "to declare." Our Declaration of Independence officially state, or declared, the position of the colonies.
In the Greek word angelos, which means "messenger," you can see our word angel. We think Angels as messengersof God. It is interesting that the Greek word for evangelist uses angelos with a prefix eu that means "good." So we have eu+angelos, or "messenger of good." An evangelist is a messenger who brings good news. All Christians are evangelists, because we all have the responsibility of sharing the good news about Jesus Christ.
The word habitatin comes from the Latin word habitare, which means "to dwell." Your home is a dwelling place. (pg. 13)
Sepaphim are among the most exalted of God's angels. (pg. 17)
The Hebrew word yashar means to make straight. Proverbs 3:6 tells us to acknowledge the Lord, and He will direct our paths.
Comes from a Greek word that means "overstepping." It is often used as a synonym for the word sin but refers particularly to the breaking of the law.
The Hebrew word asasel, which probably means a complete removal, is translated as scapegoat. (p.33)
Greek word that means park.
Comes from the Latin word conscientia, from conscire, "to know." Only when the conscience operates under the influence of the HOoy Spirit does it work as God intended for it to work.
Comes from the Latin word securus. It means to pledge or deposit a pledge for something or someone. The most common form of pledging is financial. (p. 45)
The hebrew word hallelooyah came from hellel, meaning to praise, and Yah, which means "Jehovah." The ten psalms that begin with the praise are known as the hallelujah Psalms.
Psalms 106
Psalm 150
ornatus as a military term for honor bestowed on a soldier. Later, the prefix ad- was added for emphasis. The word adornatus, then gave us the word adorn. Today, the word adorn means to make something or someone more beautiful by adding to, or wearing something special. (p.53)

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