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Night Study Guide


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Moshe the Beadle
Homeless man who teaches Elie...trys to warn Jews about concentration camps but they don't believe him.
Hilda, Bea, Tzipora
Elie's sisters, never sees them after they enter Auschwitz...represents how familys are separated by Holocaust.
"The Death's Head"
Skull and crossbones symbol on SS officer's hats showing that they will willingly kill.
Nazi secret police. They live in the ghettos and gradually take away rights of Jews and eventually send them to camps
Madame Shachter
Woman on Elie's train who foreshadows the crematories at the concentration camps.
Death camp where Jews worked, were killed, and experimented on. This is where Elie and his father were.
Dr. Mengele
Was man who sorted out ppl to go to crematory or to work. Elie lied to him to stay with his father
Prayer said when someone dies...Akiba Drummer asks Elie to say the prayer in 3 days but he forgets..shows how ppl lost faith
People who headed the barracks. Some were German Jews. Idek beat Elie for catching him w/ a woman.
Rosh Hashanah
Jewish New Year. Prisoners lost faith so did not fast-they were already starving
Yom Kippur
"Day of Atonement" Complete Sabbath...Prisoners also ignored traditions of this holiday.
Last work camp where ELie and his father worked.
"Jews, listen to me"
Moshe the Beadle...they think he is crazy when he tries to warn of what is to happen to the Jews.
"The yellow star? Oh well, what of it? You don't die of it."
Chlomo Wiesel. Ironic becasue it marks jews and that ends up being the reason so many die.
"Look!Look at it!Fire!A terrible fire!"
Madame Shachter. She foreshadows the burnign of Jews in crematories.

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