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Monique's Final for N11


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The place of worship for Sikhs is _____________.
The Sikhs are the largest ethnic community in _________, CA.
Yuba City
Do the Sikhs believe in one or multiple Gods?
The 5 religious symbols of the Sikhs include: (All begin with K)
Kesh (uncut hair), Kanga (wooden comb), Kara (steel bracelet), Kirpan (short sword) and Kacha (underwear).
It's costomary for Sikhs to _____&_____ hair ________ in the morning.
wash & comb, everyday
Do Sikhs believe in cremation or burial?
Do Sikhs believe in autopsy and organ donation?
What are common health problems with Sikhs?
Hypertension and diabetes
In Sikhism, men and women are _____ (equal or not equal).
Sikhs like to keep ________ at home as much as possible. It's a _____ if they don't help them.
elderly, sin
For Sikhism, Singh means _____ and Kaur means ______.
lion, princess
For Hmong culture, the __________ is buried after birth.
The birthing custom for Hmong is for the woman to be at ______, squat over _____, silence and the ______ doesn't look.
home, dirt, husband
For Hmong, the __ _____ ceremony is given to baby three days after birth.
Hu Plig
Hmong (do/don't) believe in organ donation and autopsy. Why?
Don't because they believe in rebirth after death.
If sick, the Hmong individual will first use _____ ______. If this doesn't work they will consult a _____ ______, then a ______ and finally a doctor.
herbal remedies, medicine woman, shaman.
Health problems for Hmong include: ______, obesity, ______, parasitic infections and ___________.
TB, diabetes and hypertension
Hmong use _____ ______ as a source of communication.
Story clothes
Hmong have ___% population in US, but is the _______ growing in the Sacramento area
1, fastest
Greet Hmong with _____, no ____ ______.
Smile, hand shake
Do Hmong like eye contact?
Communication with the ___ of the family, usuall male.
The Hmong may resist ____ ____ and lumbar punctures because it can invite negative consequences.
blood draws
Hmong consider their homeland to be ___.
For the homeless the nurse can meet basic needs by adressing what (4 things)?
immediate concerns, offering community resources to local shelters, food banks and low or no cost health clinics.
The nurse should be _____ ______ and ___ ______ with the homeless client.
open-minded and non-judgemental
Many homeless go to the ___ to seek treatment.
Some health issues that affect the homeless are STDs, ___ ____, ___drug use, ____ health.
birth control, IV, mental
What are some health issues related to homeless? (4)
depression, hypertension, diabetes, suicide
In order for homeless to follow a plan of care, the plan must be ________ with their lifestyle and environment.
For homeless, the plan of care should include _____ ______ access to health care and _______.
future easier, education
Since homeless people come from all different backgrounds, methods of communication _____.
#1 concern for lesbian culture is _________.
The percentage of coupled households in the Sac/Yolo area that are gay/lesbian is ___%.
Because lesbianism is cross-cultural, the specific values/languages/customs/traditions are more _____ to identify.
lesbians are at higher risk for certain types of _____.
don't assume your lesbian patient is ______.
Some resources for lesbians are _______ and _____ _____ _____ on campus.
LAMBDA, Women's Resource Center
Use ____language when asking questions and talking with lesbian patients.
____________ is the assumption all clients are heterosexual.
For Jehovah's Witness ____ ____ _____ influenced/founded the Watch Tower which would be later be known as Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.
Charles Taze Russell
Jehovah's Witness remain ____ in all political conflicts and beleive _____ will intervene in man's affairs to being a peaceful human society earth wide.
neutral, God
Jehovah's Witness members come from ____ social, economic, racial and religious backgrounds.
For jehovah's witness the religion in centered around a ______ ______ of the Bible.
literal interpretation
For jehovah's witness, a custom is the rejection of all holidays, except _____ of _____ ______.
memorial of Christ's death
in jehovah's witness, birth control and organ donation is a matter of _____ ______.
personal choice
In jehovah's witness's health beliefs, sickness results from _______, not _________ causes.
natural, supernatural
For jehovah's witness, bodies, the home and clothing should always be _________.
A good Jehovah's Witness is ________ conscious because God's servants don't take unnecessary risks with life for pleasure
www. is the official site of Jehovah Witness.
The national statistics for the homeless conclude that __% are made up of family and children.
___% of homeless women and ___% of men have been victims of crime.
67%, 50%
The death rate of homeless is __ times greater than that of the generalpopulation as a resullt of harsh conditions.

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