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phlebotomy course 2


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blood smear
drop of blood spread into a thin film on a microscope slide
heel bone
capillary blood gases
blood gas determination performed on aterialized capillary specimens
clay sealant
used to seal one end of microhematocrit tubes for chemistry determination or both ends of capillary blood gas specimens
blue gray discoloration of the skin due to lack of oxygen
determination of the number and characteristics of cells on a smear by staining and examination of the cells under a microscope
thinnest area of a blood smear where the differential is performed
interstitial fluid
fluid found between cells or in spaces within an organ or tissue
intracellular fluid
fluid found within cell membrances
sterile, disposable, sharp pointed instrument used to pierce the skin to obtain droplets of blood used for testing
microscollection containers
small plastic containers shaped like a bullet primarily used to collect skin puncture blood specimens
microhematocrit tubes
disposable, narrow glass or plastic tubes that fill by capillary action primarly used for hematocrit
newborn screening
test performed on neonates to check for presences of genetic or inherited diseases ie... PKU, hypothyrodism, sickle cell.
inflammation of the obne and cartilage
inflammation of the vone especially the bone marrow caused by bacterial infection
hereditary disease caused by the inability of the body to metabolize phenylalanie because of a defective enzyme, mental retardation results if not treated early
plantar surface
bottom or sole of the foot
reference valves
normal valves for for lab tests usually established using basal state specimens
circular pattern of a finger print formed by teh ridges and grooves of the papillary dermis

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