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copy deck
catch the train
into their hand
they go
very fast
the walls
without any color
part of the story
I paint
look just right
I think
my cool ideas
Mama reads
we go down
we get
all layered
in the snow
get up early
in the dark
I get up early
at the that station
all filled up
down the steps
give you
she calls
so now
you know
even smile
at night
on the couch
I show
while the
they ask
I go
say a word
now look
around my bed
can't wait
they say
are you
can be
cost a lot
I worry
such as
something wonderful
I'm scared
goes down
all day
goes outside
who leaves
still dark
we tried
out all the
felt like
My other
can start all over
had made us
very much
all were shingy
able to move
was turned
she's here
to find her
in our whole house
out of the roof
our school
our block
from the bus
new pumps
single other coin
did everything else
a long time ago
to take out
to count the tips
to sit back

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