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Important Dates of the Bible


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Abraham called by God
2090 BC
Moses Born
1525 BC
Moses dies; Joshua conquers Canaan
1407 BC
Samuel Born
1105 BC
Saul becomes King
1043 BC
Saul, Jonathan slain; David king of Judah
1011 BC
David becomes king over all Israel
1004 BC
Solomon begins to build the Temple in Jerusalem
966 BC
Jonah begins his ministry
783 BC
Rome Founded
753 BC
Sargon II becomes king of Assyria, Israel falls; the ten tribes of Israel go into captivity
722 BC
Zoroaster born
660 BC
Nineveh Falls
612 BC
The Babylonians destroy Jerusalem and the Temple, Jews deported to Babylon
586 BC
Buddhism founded by Siddhartha
563 BC
Confucius begins to teach
550 BC
Babylon falls to Darius the Persian
539 BC
The Second Temple completed
516 BC
The Roman Republic founded
509 BC
Esther becomes queen of Persia
478 BC
Socrates condemned to death
399 BC
Alexander the Great dies
323 BC
Caesar crosses the Rubicon
49 BC
Birth of Jesus
4 BC
Augustus dies, Tiberius becomes emperor
14 AD
Jesus begins to teach
26 AD
Jesus crucified and raised from the dead
30 BC
Nero becomes Roman emperor, persecutes Christians
54 AD
Paul writes Romans
ca. 57 AD
The apostle Paul is imprisoned at Caesarea
59 AD
Gospel of Mark written
64 AD
Paul martyred at Rome
68 AD
Vespasian becomes Roman emperor
69 AD
Jerusalem falls; Temple burned; Jews deported
70 AD
The last stand of the Jewish rebels at Masada
73 AD
Gospel of John written
ca. 95 AD
Ignatius of Antioch is martyred
ca. 110 AD
Justin is martyred (hence the name)
165 AD
Irenaeus dies
ca. 200 AD
Tertullian dies
ca. 220 AD
Origen dies
ca. 254 AD
Battle of the Milvian Bridge (Constantine's vision of the Cross)
312 AD
Armenia adopts Christianity as a state religion
314 AD
Council of Nicea
325 AD
Arius dies
336 AD
Constantine baptized on his deathbed
337 AD
Athanasius dies
373 AD
John Chrysostom dies
407 AD
Nestorius dies
451 AD
Council of Chalcedon
451 AD
Abraham called by God
2090 BC
Sargon II becomes king of Assyria, Israel falls; the ten tribes of Israel go into captivity

722 BC

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