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Civil Rights 2


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According to the Supreme Court advertising is?
"commercial speech"
the legal process by which a person aquires citizenship
UCLA v Bakke
White male student (Bakke) was denied admissions and argued that the school denied him equal protection under the law (14th Amendment). The Court agreed.
Nix v Williams
Created an "inevitable discovery" exception to the exlusionary rule. Says that evidence seized illegally can be used if that evidence "ultimately or inevitable" would have been discovered anyway.
US v Salerno
upheld "preventive detention"
From which trial did the Exclusionary Rule come?
Weeks v United States
What is the Exclusionary Rule?
supresses illegally seized evidence
Trials that revolve around Establishment Clause?
Engal v Vitale, Wallace v Jafree, Allegheny County v ACLU, Pittsburgh v ACLU, Edwards v Aquillard, Walz v Tax Commission, Lemon V Kurtzman, Reynolds v US, Oregon v Smith
a formal complaint laid before the grand jury by a prosecutor
a formal accusation brought by the grand jury on its own motion
Grand Jury
a formal device by which a person may be accused a serious federal crime
an affidavit in which the prosecutor swears there is enough evidence to justify a trial
Plessy v Ferguson
Approved the separate but equal doctrine, resulting in the total segregation of the races
The Supreme Court cites which two amendments as protecting picketing?
1st and 14th
What was the focus of the Katz v US trial?
No wiretapping without a warrant
a form of servitude in which a person is forced to work for another to pay off a debt. It's illegal.
Which trial overturned Plessy v Ferguson?
Brown v Topeka Board of Education
Which trial gives us the "good faith" exception to the exclusionary rule?
US v Leon
All trials that deal with the 6th Amendment right to counsel?
Gideon v Wainwright and Escobedo v Illinois
All trials that deal with racial issues?
Plessy v Ferguson, Brown v Topeka Board of Education, UCLA v Bakke, US v Paradise, Fullilove v Klutznick, Wards Cove Packing Co. v Atonio
Barker v Wingo
Whether someone has been denied a speedy trial
All trials that deal with the 4th Amendment?
California v Greenwood, Horton v California, Weeks v US
Fully-fledged members of the political community
They are not fully-fleged citizens, but they do owe full allegience to the U.S.
Anyone in the US who is neither a citizen nor a national
Trials that deal with radio and tv coverage?
Estes v Texas and Chandler v Florida
To whom are civil rights guaranteed?
All Persons
Rochin v California
Reinforced the idea of procedural due process.
Specific part of the Constitution that the Supreme Court used to apply the bill of rights to the states.
due process clause of the 14th amendment in the case of Gitlow v New York
Oregon v Smith
THe court said that a Native American who smoke peyote as part of his religious ceremonies could be denied unemployment benefits if he got fired because of this practice.
Fullilove v Klutznick
upheld quotas. It contained a "Minority set-aside provision" requiring that at least 10% of each grant from state and local governments for public works projects had to be allocated to minority owned businesses.
Which trial produced "clear and present" danger rule?
Schenk v US
Which trial outlawed prayer in school?
Engal v Vitale
Main focus of WVA Board of Education v Barnett?
struck down a complusory flag salute law
Epperson v Arkansas
court struck down a Louisiana law that required a balanced treatment in schools between evolution and creation science. The Science in public instruction act.
laws designed to prevent marriage between the races
ex parte
a one-sided court hearing. only the prosecutio is presenting its evidence.
to put aside or relinquish ones right to a jury trial
urging people to resist lawful authority
What's the difference between De Jure segregation and De Facto segregation?
De Jure- segregation by law, illegal

De Facto- housing patterns
Which law was struck down as a bill of attainder?
Landrum-Griffin Act
Symbolic speech is a reference to what?
expression by conduct
Tinker v Des Moines
Which case is referred to as the Pentagon Papers Case?
New York Times v US
Taylor v Louisiana
Said women could not be excluded from jury services
Maryland v Garrison
Allowed the use of evidence seized in a mistaken search for drugs.
Miranda v Arizona
the court said that an accused person must be advised of his sixth amendment rights
Horton v California
no warrant is needed to seize evidence
"in plain sight."
Wallace v Jafree
struck down an Alabama law setting up a moment of silence for "meditation or voluntary prayer"
Escobedo v Illinois
court threw out a confession that was taken without the defendant's lawyer being present
Furman v Georgia
court said the death penalty was unconstitutional
Runyan v McCary
ruled against two private schools that discriminated against blacks. the court said these schools had refused to enter into contracts of admission
McCarran Act
requires all communist organizations to register with the attorney general

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