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BERLITZ - Basic Italian Scene 16


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Let's to to the movies
Andiamo al cinema
You're right on time
Lei e\ puntuale
he too
anche lui
but I work too much
ma lavoro troppo
There are a lot of people
Ci sono molte persone
There is a student
C'e\ uno studente
There are stores
Ci sono negozi
this evening
questa sera
this evening (alt)
on the Via Venetto
in Via Venetto
in front of the hotels
davanti agli alberghi
in the cafes
nei caffe\
many people
molte persone
few people
poche persone
too many people
troppe persone
Are you coming from the office?
Lei viene dall'ufficio?
I'm coming from home
Vengo da casa
closing time
l'ora di chiudere
one closes
si chiude
The store is closed
il negozio e\ chiuso
I'd like
to like
Come back on Monday
Torni lunedi
They're going together
Vanno insieme
Let's go
There's a good film
c'e\ un buon film
There is/are
There are
ci sono
No, I don't know where he is
No, non so dov'e\
They're not watching
Non guardiamo
They're not listening
Non ascoltano
They're going to see
Vanno a vedere
Have a good time
Buon divertimento
We're going out without eating
Noi usciamo senza mangiare
They are ready to go out
Loro sono pronti per uscire

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