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HPR Disease Lecture


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How many people are infected with an STD each year?
More than 12 million.
What are the 2 different types of STDs?
1. Bacterial Infections
2. Viral Infections
Describe bacterial infections.
-Treatments are available, but with some cons.
-chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, & pelvic inflammatory disease.
Describe viral infections.
-No cure, treatment only reduces symptoms.
-genital herpes, HIV, & Human Papillomavirus
How effective are latex condoms in preventing HIV?
They are highly effective (when used correctly).
List some Real Strategies of protecting yourself against STI's.
-get tested before sex
-use condoms
-mutually exclusive relationships
What are the preventable cancers?
Skin cancer (90%)
Lung cancer (87%)
What is cancer?
An abnormal & uncontrollable growth of cells or tissue that can lead to death if left untreated.
What is a tumor? What are the 2 different kinds?
A tumor is a mass of tissue that serves no purpose.
1. malignant tumor
2. benign tumor
What is metastasis?
The spreading of cancer cells.
List the 6 types of cancer.
1. Lung-smoking, treatable.
2. Colon & Rectal-age is risk
3. Breast-exosure to estrogen
4. Prostate-men,lifestyle
5. Testicular-undescended testicles.
6. Skin-exposure to ultraviolet rays of sun.
What are some major risk factors for cardiovascular disease?
-tobacco use
-high blood pressure
-no PA
List some ways to prevent CVD.
-healthy diet
-stop smoking
-stress & anger management
-controlled cholesterol & blood pressure
What are some contributors to CVD?
1. Elevated triglyceride levels.
2. Psychological.
3. Social

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