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Art History 1 S13: Medieval Painting


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A cloister is a:
a-Walled courtyard
b-Residence for clergy and monks
c-Space protected from outside intrusion
d-All of the above
D-all of the above
The Pisano Pulpit (p 276) has some features that are considered classical and others that are not. Cite one of each.
Classical-treatment of the deeply cut, full-bodied forms
Nonclassical-use of hierarchical scale and the congested layout
Italian painting in the 1300's was dominated by three artists. Name them.
1-Cimabue 2-Giotto 3-Duccio
ITalian Painting in the 1300's is thought to be a fusion between what two influences?
Byzantine spirituality and Cletic naturalism?
The 14th century painting of __ is credited with a surpassing material solidity of figures.
Many features of Giotto's Scrovegni Chapel prefigure Mechelangelo's Sistine chapel. Name 2.
painted textures, and complex themes?
True or false: Charlemagne and the Franks are considered by hiistorians to be "Germanic" peoples.
The single most important function of Medieval art was to __.
Francis Bacon (1561-1626) is most famous for his principled and clear formulation of the __ __.
scientific method
The two centers of Renaissance development each contributed to a new understanding of perspective. Describe the difference between them.
1-Italian Renaissance-linear perspective
2-Northern Renaissance-atmosphere perspective
True or False: In Cennini's
"Il Libro dell'Arte," the author warns artists not to copy the work of "other good masters" lest they get sued for infringement.
The term Renaissance means "rebirth." What exactly is being "reborn?"
classical thought
Describe three symbols presentin the Merode Altarpiece, and what they stand for:
1-Homunculus-medieval explanation for reproduction-2-lily-purty, the trinity/2 full blooms and one bud
3-mousetrap-a way to trap satan
Name four symbols in the Arnolfini Portrait and what they stand for:
1-dog-royal, symbol of fidelity/loyalty
2-sandals are off, barefoot, symbol of holy ground
3-single lit candle-presence of God
4-oranges-imported wealth and fertility
The heads of the figures in van der Weyden's Deposition form a figure:
∞ the symbol for infinity
What was teh best way to get your picture painted into an altarpiece in the 15th century?
Be a patron and donate the money for the painting and/or donate to the church
A study of the painter's guild of Bruges in the 1480s has shown that __% of its members were women.
Name two conventions of Gothic art that persist in the Limbourg Brothers "Tres Riches Heures" February:
hiearchical scaling and the wall is missing for clarity

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