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Bushy Mustache


copy deck
just like
like yours
wash your hands
crossing guard
took him
good day
into school
on him
ran home
shook his head
raised it
to do
the room
the purple cape
captain's hat
do you
tie my shoes
of the day
some of the
all the while
feel tough
was over
in their desk
in his pocket
to take it
in front of
left the school
who said
onto his lip
on the street
help me
at her apron
looked at him
it was not
on his cheek
on his chin
to the floor
wasn't there
the front door
ran out
eyes wide open
the tall grass
along a fence
in the street
in flower beds
pickit up
on the curb
on the floor
in the closet
just like you
in his pocket
a bushy disguise

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