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intro to pharmacy questions UT Austin 2005


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Identify the two individuals who, in 1990, introduced the concept of pharmaceutical care?
Doug Hepler, Linda Strand
what 3 things are required of a pharmacist in the patient care environment to gain clinical credibility as a legit member of the health care team?
be competent
be committed
care about patient and prove through actions
What is the main purpose of HIPAA?
Improve portability and continuity of heath insurance coverage for workers who change or lose their jobs
other purposes of HIPAA...
To improve health insurance accessibility to persons changing employers or leaving the workforce.
-To protect the privacy and enhance the rights of consumers by providing access to their health
-To improve the quality of health care by restoring trust in the health care system.
-To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of health care delivery.
Identify 4 hospital pharmacy megatrends
Insatiable demand for healthcare including drug therapy due to aging population
Technological innovation--pharmacy innovation systems--no geographic limit of information
dramatic changes in practice of pharmacy
changes in required skill set and training-- clinical decisions need to be made
describe three reasons why pharmacists will be in greater demand in the future
Rapidly aging population
New procedures and drugs give more options to improve life
More health conditions (that in turn need more health care)
how many semester credit hours must a pharmacy student successfully complete before they can be certified in Texas?
Why was the PharmD/PhD program developed at UT?
To provide a sequential program that has a dual purpose (less costly and more time efficient)
Identify the National organization responsible for developing the national licensing exam for individuals applying to practice pharmacy in Texas
NABP (Nat’l Assoc. of Boards of Pharmacy)
Describe the major mission of the state board of pharmacy
o protect the public
Describe four services provided by Texas State Board of Pharmacy
enforcement (compliance and investigations)
adjudication/legal support
Describe the operational enforcement philosophy of the state board of pharmacy
Compliance (pharmacists must know the law)
Describe the responsibilities of the board members as opposed to the responsibilities of the staff of the Texas State Board of Pharmacy
Board: establish regulations, pass regulations, and set policy
Staff: carry out regulations and policy
How many pharmacists serve on the Texas State Board of Pharmacy?
6 pharmacists (9 total members)
How many individuals represent the general public on the Texas State Board of Pharmacy?
3 are from general public/consumers
Who is licensed by the TSBP?
oNOT techs
Identify the entity that has responsibility for regulating pharmacy internship programs in Texas
TSBP focuses on protecting whom?
TPA focuses on protecting whom?
protect practitioners
What is the major mission or purpose of pharmacy professional associations?
Advance the practice of pharmacy
Improve patient care through advocacy
Facilitate the growth, development and recognition of our members as practitioners and leaders in health care
Identify the acronyms of at least two professional associations for pharmacists in Texas
What is the mission of the Texas Pharmacy Congress?
focus on Texas pharmacy issues, think globally, not on legislation
Identify associations which comprise the TPC
two members from each:
each Texas pharmacy school,
Texas Pharmacy Association,
Texas Federation of Drug Stores,
Texas Society of Health-System Pharmacists,
Texas State Board of Pharmacy
What is the mission of the Texas Pharmacy Practice Coalition?
lobbying--> work with legislators to advance particular interests of pharmacists
What trade associations are involved in pharmacy?
NACDS (Nat’l Association of Chain Drug Stores)
TFDS (Texas Federation of Drug Stores)
Identify the associations which comprise the Texas Pharmacy Practice Coalition
-Texas Pharmacy Association
-Texas Society of Health-System Pharmacists
-Texas Federation of Drug Stores
What is COSTEP?
Commissioned officer student training educational program
Who sponsors COSTEP?
more specifically the U.S. Public Health Service
Compare licensing requirements for pharmacists practicing in the Public Health Service with those of pharmacists practicing in the private sector
only have to have 1 license vs 2 in private sector (e.x. don’t have to take law test for that state in case you move)
Identify the national association for pharmacists whose responsibility it is to protect the welfare of independent pharmacy owners
NCPA (Nat’l Community Pharmacists Assoc.)
Describe three advantages of owning your own pharmacy
Can wear what you want
Can bring kids to work
Can make your own hours
Three disadvantages of owning own pharmacy
Corporate buy outs
Have to deal with bills, customers, etc.
Too many hours
Employee management
Have to be flexible
Security (robbery)
One major source of frustration for most independent pharmacy owners
Insurance (3rd party payers)
What is the agency responsible for accrediting pharmacies providing home care services
JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations)
What issues must be considered before making the decision to treat a patient at home?
Do they have phone, electricity, refrigeration?
Can they pay the daily copay?
Is the family willing to assist?
Will the patient be going to school or work?
Several disease states which probably are more effectively and more economically treated in the home environment that the institutional environm
Congestive heart failure
Cystic fibrosis
Cell deficiencies (Sickle cell anemia)
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Cancer – late stages
NOTE: I don’t know if these are better cared for at home but they were listed in the packet
What is a TPN?
Total Parenteral Nutrition (way to get nutrients to patient who can’t do so by other meansàcan’t eat or passes right through them)
Which pharmacy practice environment is compounding most likely to take place?
Independent pharmacies (community pharmacies avoid compounding)
What is a peak flow meter?
*Objective way to monitor asthma at home
use before use of medication-- write the highest # registered
Advantages of peak flow monitoring:
home monitoring tool
objective measure of airflow obstruction
used to evaluate response to change in therapy
may detect early change in disease status
helps determine severity of exacerbation
used in conjunction with Action Plan
Be able to educate a patient on the proper use of a metered dose inhalers
Remove cap, shake, exhale, press inhaler once, inhale slowly (3-5 seconds) and deeply, hold breath for 10 seconds, exhale slowly
Role of a spacer device in inhalation therapy:
Decrease difficulty in coordinating actuation and inhalation
Improve drug delivery to small airways
Increase drug delivery of small particles
Decreases speed
Decrease adverse effects
·Identify the disease states being managed by pharmacists in ambulatory care clinics at Scott and White
oThromboemolic disorders
oHormone replacement therapy
·What roles do pharmacists fulfill in these clinics?
oObtaining detailed medical history
oPhysical assessment
oOrdering lab and other tests
oPrescribing, adjusting, discontinuing medications
·What advanced training should pharmacists possess in order to be more effective in managing disease states?
-Pharmacy practice residency
-Specialty practice residency or fellowship
-Certification – BPS NISPC
How can students prepare themselves to eventually practice in specialty clinics such as those at Scott and White?
oLearn how to learn
oLearn the basics

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