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Army E-5 Board Study


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what Army regulation covers the Army substance abuse program ?
AR 600-85 (updated October 01, 2001)
and what are the ways that soldiers can be identified as having a substance abuse problem ?
commander referrals
investigative or apprehension
of the what are the objectives of rehabilitation with ASAP?
1.Return Soldier to full duty as soon as possible.
2. a identified those that cannot be rehabilitated
what does ACS stand for?
Army community service
what Army regulation covers ACS?
AR 608-1
what is the motto of the ACS?
self help, service and stability
What is AER?
it is a nonprofit organization. Its purpose is solely to help army personnel and their family members.
and who is eligible for AER?
Active Army and family members. National Guard and Reserve on active duty in excess of 30 days and their family members, spouses and orphans of eligible army personnel who died while on active duty.
How does AER provide relief
AER provides financial assistance by either a loan without interest, a grant or a combination of both.
What is the AER motto?
helping the Army take care of its ownup
What does DEERS stand for?
defense enrollment eligibility reporting system.
What is DEERS used for?
To obtain dependent ID cards for eligible spouse and children
What does NCODP stand for?
Noncommissioned officer development program.
What Army Regulation covers NCODP?
AR 350-17.
What FM covers Physical Readiness Training?
FM 21-20
what are the three stages of physical conditioning?
1. toughening
2. slow improvement
3. sustaining stages
What does FITT stand for?
frequency, intensity, time, and types (this acronym makes it easy to remember the key factors in the training program)
What is a DA Form all 3349?
physical profile form.
what are the three periods of a normal daily exercise routine?
1. warm-up
2. conditioning
3. cool-down
what are the commands to get a unit from a normal line formation into an extended rectangular formation?
1. extend the left, march
2. arms downward, move
3. left, face
4. extend to left, march
5. arms downward, move
6. right, face
7. from front to rear, count off
8. even numbers to the left, uncover
What AR covers the Army Physical Fitness Program?
AR 350-1
What are the seven principles of exercise?
1. regularity
2. progression
3. overload
4. balance
5. specificity
6. variety
7. recovery
What are the three phases of fitness conditioning
1. preparatory
2. conditioning
3. maintenance
what is the DA Form 705?
Physical Readiness Test Scorecardof .
names of two physical fitness formations?
extended rectangular and circular.
What FM Covers the M16/A1 and M16/A2 Rifles?
FM 3-22.9
what are the four fundamentals of marksmanship?
1. steady position
2. proper aim (sight picture)
3. breathing
4. trigger squeeze
What does CLP stand for
cleaner, lubricant, preservative
Describe the M16/A2 Rifle
of a 5.56 MM the magazine fed, gas-operated,air cooled, handheld, shoulder fired weapon capable f firing a semiautomatic or three round burst.
what are the five types of ammunition that can be fired with M16/a2 rifle?
1. M199 Dummy
2. M200 Blank
3. M855 Ball Green tip
4. M856 Tracer- red tip
5. M862 Plastic training - blue tip
what is the muzzle velocity of the M16/A2 Rifle?
3,100ft. per second
describe the ranges for the M16/A2 rifle.
maximum range - 3,600m
Max point target - 550m
Max area target - 800m
what is the basic load of ammunition for the M16/A2?
210 rounds total (7 magazines with 30 rounds in each)
what is the overall length of the M16/A2?
39 5/8 inches
what is the purpose of the compensator on the M16/A2?
two help keep the muzzle down during firing.
of what are the eight steps and the functioning of the M16/A2?
1. feeding
2. chambering
3. locking
4. firing
5. unlocking
6. extracting
7. ejecting
8. cocking
when was the latest version of AR 670-1 released?
03 February, 2005
What does ECWCS stand for?
extended cold weather clothing system
one service stripe represents how many years?
What is a CVC uniform?
Combat Vehicle Crewman's uniform. (Tanker Suit)
How many marksmanship badges are authorized for wear at one time?
what is the ACU?
army combat uniform
what does the ACU consist of?
trousers, Coat and a patrol cap.
What regulation covers Military Justice?
AR 27-10
of what kind of extra duty is an NCO given by an article 15?
supervisory duty only.
in the comedy articles are there in the UCMJ?
there are 146 articles in the UCMJ. but there are 12 Sub-articles half so there would be a total of 158 articles
When was the UCMJ enacted?
What are the three classifications of article 15s?
1. summarized
2. company grade
3. field grade
what form is used to record summarized article 15 proceedings?
DA form 2627-1
What are articles 77 through 134 of the UCMJ known as?
punitive articles
what are the three types of court martial?
1. summary
2. special
3. general
who is the highest military court?
court of military appeals
under what article is non-judicial punishment inposed?
article 15
what rights are given to a soldier under article 31?
the right to remain silent, the right to demand trial, and Right to an attorney.
when was the code of conduct established?
August 17, 1955 under the Eisenhower administration.
what Army regulation covers the code of conduct?
AR 350-30
When was the code of conduct amended?
May 1988
how many articles are in the code of conduct?
what is article one of the code of conduct?
I am an American, fighting in the forces which guard my country and our way of life. I'm prepared to give my life in their defence.
what document supports the code of conduct?
manual for courts-martial under the uniform code of military justice
how many articles are there in the U.S. constitution?
how many amendments are there in the U.S. constitution?
how many people signed the U.S. constitution?
when was the U.S. constitution signed?
17 September 1787
year was the first amendment made?
what are the first ten amendments called?
The Bill of Rights
What are the Three types of Guard Duty?
1. interior guard
2. special guard
3. exterior guard
What FM covers battle focused Training?
FM 7-1
How do commanders determine their METL's?
Commanders determine their unit's METL's based on war and external directives.
How should units train during peacetime?
Units should train in peacetime, as they will fight during wa. Peacetime training must replicate battlefield conditions.
How many levels of MOPP are there?
what does MOPP stand for?
Mission oriented protective posture
under an NBC attack, when would you give the warning?
After you Mask
What does JSLIST Stand for?
Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology
added What does C.B.R.N. stand for?
Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear
NBC Hazzards are classified into two types, what are they?
Immediate hazzards- produce casualties immediately after the attack
Residual hazzards- Delayed effects
Name 3 types of NBC warning.
1. verbal (gas gas gas)
2. banging metal on metal
3. hand and arm signals
what field manual deals with NBC Operations?
FM 3-11
what does FM 3-5 cover
NBC Decontamination
which of the NBC reports is most widely used?
what are the three fundamentals of NBC defense?
1. avoid contamination
2. protection
3. decontamination
how long should apply pressure when using the auto injector?
ten seconds
What are the nine mild symptoms of nerve agent poisoning?
1. unexplained runny nose
2. unexplained headache
3. sudden drooling
4. difficulty seeing
5. tightness in the chest or difficulty breathing
6. localized sweating and muscular twitching in the area of contaminated skin 7. stomach cramps
8. nausea
9. Tachycardia followed by Bradycardia
what are the the 11 severe symptoms of nerve agent poisoning?
1. strange or confused behavior
2. wheezing, dyspnea(difficulty breathing) and coughing
3. severely pinpointed pupils
4. red eyes with tearing
5. vomiting
6. severe muscle twitches and general weakness
7. in voluntary urination and defecation
8. convulsions
9. unconsciousness
10. respiratory failure
11. bradycardia
what are the purposes of camouflage, cover and concealment ?
deny any ground or air observational of your unit, equipment and position. Deny enemy intelligence the knowledge of your presence, positions, units and equipment.
What Army field manual covers camouflage, concealment, and decoys?
FM 20-3
what is meant by camouflage?
measures taken to conceal yourself, your equipment, or your position from enemy observational
when a position cannot be cited under natural cover, what should be used?
camouflage nets
what is cover?
the physical protection from bullets, fragments of exploding rounds, flame, and nuclear efects and biological and chemical agents.
what is concealment?
Protection from enemy observation
what is one of the key factors Of good camouflage?
What is your 1st General order?
I will guard the limits of my post and quit my post only when properly relieved.
What is your 2nd General order?
I will obey my special orders and perform all my duties in a military manner
What is your 3rd General Order?
I will report violations of my special orders, emergencies and anything not covered in my instructions to the commander of the relief.

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