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6th Grade Science - Chapter 2 - Forces


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The resistence of an object to a change in the speed or the direction of its motion.
The amount of matter in an object.
Any change in motion of an object.
An object at rest will remain at rest and object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.
Netwon's 1st Law of Motion
A push or a pull.
A force that resists motion between two objects in contact
The force that resists motion between two objects in contact.
What is the rate of acceleration of gravity?
9.8 meters per second/2
Forces that are equal in size but opposite in direction.
Balance Forces
Forces that cause a change in the motion of an object.
Unbalanaced forces
Anything that has mass and takes up space.
1 Netwon = 1 Kg mass X 1 Meter/sec2.
F = M x A
Force = Mass x Acceleration
Netwon's 2nd Law of Motion
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Netwon's 3rd Law of Motion
How many grams in a Kilogram?
What would happen to an object's acceleration if the forces applied to it increase?
It accelerates
Why is it difficult to run on ice?
Less Friction
How are acceleration, mass and inertia related?
The more mass, therefore the more inertia, the harder it is to accelerate that mass.
The force that pushes on something.
Action force
The force that pushes back.
Reaction force
The total of all the forces action on an object.
Net force
Any force that keeps an object moving in a circle.
Centipetal force
What is the formula for Acceleration?
Acceleration = Force/Mass
What is the formula for Mass?
Mass = Force/Acceleration
What is the change in position over time?
The resistance of an object to a change in speed or direction is called?
Newton's First law of motion
The change in velocity over time?
What is Momentum?
Momentum = Mass times Velocity or
A collision is a situation in which two objects in close contact transfer?
Energy and Momentum
When you push on a door, the door pushes back with an equal and opposite force. These two forces are known as?
Action / Reaction force pairs
The momentum of an object is the product of its...?
Mass and Velocity
What is the unit of force?
What is the unit for mass?
What is the unit for acceleration?
Mass divided by seconds squared

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