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Navy Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist


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What are the 3 objectives of first aid?
Save Life, Prevent further injur, and prevent infection
What are the 3 methods of controlling bleeding
Direct Pressure, elevation, and pressure points
Which classification of burn has the most severe pain?
Second Degree
What should be done first with a victim of electrical shock?
Secure electrical power
What is the purpose of the Naval aviation safety program?
To preserve human and material resources
Who is the principle advisor to the CO on all aviation safety matters?
Aviation Safety Officer
What is the difference between Safety Council and Safety Committee?
Safety Council is composed of officers, Committee -- enlisted
What is the greatest contributer to mishaps?
Human Error
Define Class A Mishap
>$1,000,000 in damage OR life lost OR permanent full disability
Define Class B Mishap
200,000 - $1,000,000 in damage OR Perm partial disability OR 3+ people inpatient hospitalized
Define Class C Mishap
10,000 - 200,000 OR Non-fatal injury with >1 day lost time
Define Class D Mishap
<10,000 or first aid injury
What is the purpose of AVGFE?
To ensure a safe evironment is maintained when working on aeronautical equipment fuel systems
Acronym- AVGFE?
Aviation Gas Free Engineering
What are the hazards associated with RF Energy
Electric shock, burns, biolgical changes, cataracts, unwanted activation of EED Ordinance
What is the purpose of a safety stand down?
To devote tiem to safety training
What is the administrative chain of command?
Secnav,cno,operating forces
What is a specified command
forces from one service with a broad continuing mission
What fleets are commanded by cincpacflt
3 and 7
What fleets are commanded by cinclantflt
What feleets are commanded by cincusnaveur
How many Fleet Master Chiefs are there?
How many Force Master Chiefs are there?
How many personnel are required to have a CMC
What are the six areas of the naval doctrine
Warfare, Intel, Planning, Logistics, Operations, Command and Control

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