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Cosmetology - Your Professional Image


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As a cosmetologist your professional image consists of what?
Outward appearance and Conduct
The Old English word Hal means what?
The key to a happy and productive live is what?
Achieving Balance
Maintaining cleanliness and healthfulness every day is called what?
Personal Hygiene
One of the basics of personal hygiene in what?
Daily Bathing
The body's largest organ is what?
The Skin
In order to look well groomed at all times, the hair requires what?
Regular Shampooing
The foundation of personal grooming includes what?
Clean and cared for clothing
When choosing clothes to wear on the job, you must consider what?
The Dress code of the Salon
When choosing your own hair style on the job, always consider what?
Your hair texture and wave pattern
When applying makeup when going to work it is best to what?
accentuate your best features
yes or no; As a beauty professional you are subject to many stresses including 24 hour coverage.
Establishing a routine for sleep, meals, and other daily requirements is what?
Helpful in reducing stress
In order to feel refreshed and eager to face the workdays; it is important to what?
Renew yourself with relaxation
Good nutritious food has many effects including this.
Preventing a variety of illnesses
Physical exercise has many positive effects on our bodies including this.
Proper functioning of organs
Aerobic exercise which improves heart function includes these three things.
Dancing, Cross country skiing, and walking
Yes or no - Physical presentation is an important aspect of professional image and includes an optimistic attitude.
Among the guidelines ofr good posture while standing is to what?
Keep the neck elongated
As a cosmetologist spending a great deal of time on your feet, proper foot care will help you what?
maintain good posture
To increase good circulation to the feet try this.
A foot massage
The science of fitting the job to the person is called what?
In order to avoid strain on your body when standing for a long time, consider this.
Placing one foot on a stool
Among recent ergonomic improvements to the salon workplace are the what?
Free standing shampoo bowls
To prevent physical strain, a good practice is to what?
Swivel the Client's chair

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