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CU Dental pathology Endocrine Hess


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GH and prolactin are secreted by the _____ pituitary and are (acidophilic/basophilic)
anterior; acidophilic
ACTH, FSH, LH and TSH are secreted by the _____ pituitary and are (acidophilic/basophilic)
ACTH is a ________troph, TSH is a ______troph, and FSH and LH are ____trophs
act corticotroph, tsh thyrotroph, fsh and lh gonadotroph
ADH and oxytosin are released from and produced in the
posterior pituitary; hypothalamus
hyperpituitarism are usually caused by an ______ of the ______ lobe of the pituitary
adenoma; anterior lobe
adenomas of the pituitary produce an excess of multiple hormones secreted by that part of the pituitary
false (amost true), usully produces excess of one type of hormone
pituitary adenomas are present in ___% of autopsied people
GH adenoma before poohberty causes ______; after pooberty ______
before gigantism; after acromegaly
cushings disease is an increased production of _____
glucocorticoids (as happens in hyperproduction of ACTH
empty sella syndrome is a (hyper/hypo)function of the _______
hypo pituitiary
Anterior pitutitary hypofuncion due to postpartum ischemic necrosis
Sheehan's Syndrome
most frequesnt cause of hypopituitarism
non-secretory pituitary adenoma
abrupt enlargement of a pituitary adenoma due to acuet hemorrhage within the tumor is calld a
pituitary apoplexy
ADH oversecretion is most often due to
ADH producing tumor sucha as a smoall oat cel carcinoma of the lung
Syndrome that results in renal retention of water with an inablilty to diulte urine
Syndrome of inappropriate ADH (SIADH)
ADH undersecretion causes
you to pee a lot
Graves disease is (hyper/hypo)secretion of what hormone and is most common in which gender
hyperthyroidism, female 7:1
warm skin, sweating, heat intolerance, hyper0motility of GI tract, increased apetite, osteoporisis, iritabitly, fine oily hair
what should you do in a thyroid storm (sudden attack of hyperthyroidism)
stop dental proceedure, give O2, take vitals, give nitroglycerin and call 911
hashimotos is
cells are ineffiecient in converting iodine to thyroid hormone so gland compensates by enlarging. Thyroid tissue is replaced by lymphocytescauses primary hypothyroidism
wide set eyes, coarse facial features, protruding tongue and umbilicus and severe mental retardation (think eric)
kind of an adult version of cretinsm (lethartgy, cold intolerance, broad face, tongue enlargement, coarse dry hair)
most common cause of primary (endogenous) hyperthyroidism
graves disease
pretibial myxedema (thickening of the skin over legs and dorsal foot), bulging eyes (exopthamos), and thyrotoxicosis
graves disease
HLA-DRS is to _____ as HLA DR3 is to _____
non-specific lyphoid thyroiditis ; graves disease
most common cause of hypthyroidism in usa
hashimotos thyroditis
autoimmune disease in which there is an increased risk of b-cell lymphoma and auitoantibodies anti-thyroglobulin, anti-thyroid, anti-TSH receptor, anti-iodine receptor are present
hashimotos thyroditis
orphan annie nuclei
papillary carcinoma
prognoisi for papillary carcinoma of the thyroid is ______, anaplastic (undifferentiated) carcinoma of thyroid is _____-
good bad
medulary carcinoma can be associated with
MEN syndrome Iia and IIb (III)
"cold" nodule on a scan
follicular carcinoma of the thyroid
elevated PTH causes
stones (kidney), moans, (pain_, bones (excessive bone resorption), groans (gi problems, like constipation)
Stones groans moans and bones refers to what disorder
primary hyperparathyroidism
most common cause of secondary hyperparathyroidism
renal failure
chvostek's sign
unilateral spasm in face by tapping on facial nerve
adrennal cortex secretes __________, _________, and ________
glucocorticoids (cortisol), Mineralcorticoids (aldosterone), androgens
cushings disease is an increased production of _____, that cuases adrenal (atrophy/hypertrophy)
glucocorticoids, (either, depending on whether it is caused by exogenous corticosteroids being administered (atrophy), or ectopic tumor producing ACTH (hyperplasia)
cushing's syndrome can be caused by adrenal tumor producing cortisol. This causes nodular hyperplasia.
true; true
Conn's syndrome is ________ _________ and is due to _______ serum renin
primary hyperaldosteronism, decreased
secondary aldosteronism is due to renal ischemia, ediema or nephroticsyndrome and exhibits _______ serum renin
which two diseases are asssociated with adrenal hypofuncion
addisions' and waterhous-friderichsen disease
the rule of tens applies to ___________ which is overproduction of epinephrine, norepinephrine and VMA that causes hypertension
Wermer syndrome is commonly called _____ and linked to chromosome ___
MEN I, 11
More than one of the following are involved: pituitary, parathyroid, pancreatic islets, adrenal cortex
MEN I (wermer syndrome)
Sipple syndrome is calso called ____, and linked to chromosome ___
MEN II, 10
MEN Iib (MEN III) is simliar to MEN ___, except it involves skin, and tongue

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