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Muscles 1


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A-adduction, flexion, lateral rotation
0-pectineal line of pubis
I-inferior to lesser trochanter of posterior aspect of femur
A-elevation, depression, rotation of scapula, stabalizer
O-occipital bone, C7 & all thoracic vertebral spines
I-acromion proccess, spine of scapula, clavicle
Triceps Brachii
A-extension of elbow, and shoulder
O-long head-scapula
lateral head- posterior humerus
medial head- radial groove
I- olecrenon process
Rhomboid (major and minor)
O-C7&T1 (minor)
T2-T5 (major)
I-medial border of scapula
O-front of distal humerus
I-coronoid proccess of ulna and capsule of elbow joint
Latissimus Dorsi
A-extension, adduction, medial rotation, depression
O-lower 6 thoracic vertebra, lumber vertebrae, lower 3-4 ribs, iliac crest, scapular inferior angle
I-floor of intertubercular groove of humerus
A-medial rotation, stabalizer
O-subscapular fossa of scapula
I-lesser tubercle of humerus
A-abduction, stabalizer
O-supraspinatus fossa
I-greater tubercle
Teres minor
A-lateral rotation, stabalizer
O-lateral border of dorsal scapular surface
I-greater tubercle of humerus inferior to infraspinatus insertion
Biceps Brachii
A-flexion of elbow and shoulder, stabalizer
O-short head-coracoid proccess
long head-lip of glenoid cavity
I-radial tuberosity
A-adduction of thigh, flexion of leg, medial rotation
O-inferior ramus, body of pubis
I-inferior medial condyle of medial tibia
Pectoralis Major
A-arm flexion, medial rotation, adduction
O-clavicle, sternum, cartilage of ribs 1-6, aponeurosis of exterior oblique muscle
I-greater tubercle of humerus
adductor longus
A-adduction, flexion, lateral rotation
I-linear aspera
adductor magnus
A-anterior adduction, lateral rotation, flexion, posterior extension
A-lateral rotation, flexion of knee
O-anterior superior illiac spine
I-medial aspect of proximal tibia
A-stabalizer, lateral rotation
O-infraspinaous fossa
I-greater tubercle of humerus posterior to insertion of supraspinatus
Adductor Brevis
A-Adduction, lateral rotation
O-Body inferior ramus of pubis
I-linea aspera
A-abduction, anatagonist of pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi, flexion, medial rotation,
O-embraces insertion of trapezius, clavicle, acromion and spine of scapula
I-deltoid tuberosity of humerus

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