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Government: Amendments and Constitution


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Article I
Legislative Branch
Article II
Executive Branch
Article III
Judicial Branch
Article IV
Relationship between State and Federal Government
Article V
Changing the Constitution
Article VI
"Supremacy Clause"
Article VII
Ratifying the Constitution
1st Amendment
4 freedoms (Speech, Religion, Assembly, Press)
2nd Amendment
Right to bear arms
3rd Amendment
Right to quartering troops
4th Amendment
Search and Seizure
5th Amendment
Criminal Rights
6th Amendment
Right to a fair/speedy trail
7th Amendment
Right to a jury in a civil suit over 20 dollars
8th Amendment
9th Amendment
Rights reserved by the people
10th Amendment
Rights reserved by the state
11th Amendment
Lawsuit against the state
12th Amendment
Election of Pres. and VP
13th Amendment
Outlaw Slavery
14th Amendment
(Blacks) citizenship
15th Amendment
Allowed blacks to vote
16th Amendment
Income Tax
17th Amendment
Election of Senators
18th Amendment
19th Amendment
Womens right to vote
20th Amendment
President and Congressional terms
21st Amendment
Repeal of Prohibition
22nd Amendment
Presidental terms to 2
23rd Amendment
Number of electors for the District of Colombia
24th Amendment
Poll taxes
25th Amendment
Presidental Disability and Succession
26th Amendment
Voting for 18 year olds
27th Amendment
Salary restraint for congress
List the 4 freedoms of the 1st Amendment
Religion, Press, Assembly, Speech
List the 3 amendments that make up the civil war amendments
13, 14, 15
Explain the purpose of bail and what happens to the bail
It excuses the person from jail until conviction, later bail is given back
The conditions under which the government can require homeowners to house US soldiers
In times of war, under appropriate conditions
Number of amendments originally proposed
Amendments that make up the bill of rights
The dollar amount in the 7th amendment in which a jury can be requested in civil suits
Prior to the 20th amendment, the time period of when an outgoing preident was defeated and when he finally left office
november to march
Know when terms of congress members ends
January 3rd
Know when the term of the president ends
January 20th
Know how many terms of office FDR was in office, and what amendment was established to protect this from happening again
4 terms, 22nd amendment
The amount of times congress has set for states to ratify an amendment
7 times
Know the limits that have been established for freedom of speech
Slander, Libel
Know the ways in which the government can place limits on the 2nd amendment
Brady's Law, Assult gun/rifle law
Know the limits that have been established for the freedom of assembly
Own a permit for the assembly
Know the amendment that resulted in the repeal of the 18th
21st amendment, for the 18th amendment
Indirectly responsible for the 22nd amendment
How many electors DC is allowed to have
Know what group was mainly targeted by the use of poll taxes and why
Blacks, whites didn't want blacks to vote
Who is the Spokane Prosecuting Attorney
Steve Tucker
Who is the office of superintendent of schools
Terry Bereson
Who is the governor of Washington
Christine Gregoir
Who are the two women on the supreme court
Ruth Ginsberg (glasses) and Sandra Day O'Connor
Who is the supreme court chief of justice
John Roberts
List and explain the two ways in which amendments may be proposed and ratified
Proposed: 2/3 vote in congess or 2/3 of the states
Ratified: 3/4 of the states, or calling of the special ratifying convention (3/4)
List 4 important rights given to an accused person
Grand Jury decides if there is enough evidence, No double jeopardy, No self incrimination, cannot be denied life, liberty or property without due process of law
List and explain 6 major principles that the US constitution represents
Popular Sovergnty:The people have the ability to rule, Checks and Balances: Each branch has some control over the other, Judicial Review: Supreme Court can say if laws are constitutional or not, Federalism: division between central and state government, Limited Government: the government is limited by laws and regulations, Separation of powers: The division into 3 branches of government

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