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Art History Chapters 5-9 Art Across Time


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How were Pompeiian houses focused?
inwardly focused w/ lavish interiors
who welcomed all religions in the Roman Empire?
Constantine in his edict
how many styles were there in the wall murals of pompeiian houses?
four styles
the house of mysteries had what painted on the walls?
the intitiation ceremonies of a dyonistic cult
was some perspective used in pompeiian paintings?
yes the beginning of perspective happened here.
were still lifes present at pompeii?
yes the 4th style liked them. an example is the peaches and water jar.
what happened in 79 b.c.?
mt. vesuvius erupts.
Early Christianity and Byzantine art occured when?
245-1545 AD
the change from pagan to monotheistic society was_______.
cult religions were present in the roman empire. Was there one major cult?
no. many different cults were very popular. 12 major ones in certain places.
early christianity's artisans followed what style because of where they lived?
greek and roman art.
what is syncretism
where other cultures assimilate earlier traditions of other cultures
the three monotheistic religions are: ?
judaism, christianity, islamic religion
what is a catecomb?
a burial place underground that was often connected to other ones for safety from the Roman Empire.
what is an orant?
person w/ hands held upward as if seeking salvation.
early christians built churches shaped like roman basilicas b/c -----?
it was the only building not associated w/ paganism.
what is a nave?
the double-wide aisle in the middle of a church
how are church's defined?
by the aisles.
the semicircle at the end of the nave is called?
the apse
the transept is?
the top of the church that is at the beginning of the nave. shaped like a t.
how are cathedrals classified?
by the number of aisleways they have
the "welcome center" of the cathedrals that are at the entrances of the sanctuary is called...
the narthex
because most could not read, christianity was primarily taught through....?
the images and artwork of early christianity.
the two main plans for churches were named:
longitudinal and centralized structures
in centralized churches the nave is where?
wraped around the altar space into a circular shape w/ a clerstory.
what is the bent nave?
the brilliant display of mosaics is found inside the _____?
the masoleum of galla placidia
what is a lunette?
a small semicircle image often found in mosaics
how did the production of mosaics change?
they became flatter and simpler to better communicate their message
what were the two churches in Ravenna?
san vitale & galla placidia
Who made an edict that proclaimed the persecutions of all non-christians?
who made an edict that welcomed all christians and all religions?
once christianity was popular what happened to pagan art?
many sculptures were reused for other purposes or destroyed along w/ other artforms
theodora was whose wife?
the center of Justinian's empire was in....
ravenna, italy
octogonal church in ravenna that was centrally planned
san vitale
term for tile pieces:
primary materials for making codexes?
parchment and vellum, better than papyrus
what is a codex?
an early form of a book; came after scrolls
what did codexes usually contain?
both writing and images that communicated the same thing. bare necessityish; religious symbolism; ink and paper
huge complex with dome in constantinople
hagia sophia
what is a pendentive?
A structural element that puts a dome on a square space. circle in square hole.
who invented the pendentive
the builders of the hagia sophia; constantinople
what is iconoclasm>
the destruction of christian images. christ on a cross - icon and to be destroyed b/c destracting from praying and don't worship the image but god
which style stayed in Russian until after the 1400s?
byzantine style
the russian 2 angels are also considered to be a precursor of:
the trinity
what are the two factions of islam
shiite and sunni
anti-iconic art is important in what religion?
caligraphy is sacred in what society?
who is the last prophet of islam?
what happened in 660 in religion?
the schism of islam
islamic's koran is in what language?
islamic people celebrate what: the inside or outside of buildings?
neither; they decorate and love both
what is the worship space for islam called?
which religion's worship space had minerette towers?
who prays five times daily?
where is the mosque of cordoba?

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