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Foot pathology


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Antalgic gait
limp because of pain
Major foot bones
talus, calcaneus, tarsals, metatarsals, phalanges
Major foot joints
metatarsal-phalangeal (MTP), inter phalangeal (IP)
foot flexors
on bottom
foot extensors
on top
pump bump
retrocalcaneal bursitis
retrocalcaneal bursitis history
irritation from ill-fitting shoes (pumps)
retrocalcaneal bursitis palpation
retrocalcaneal bursitis treatment
decrease swelling, change shoes
plantar fasciitis history
tight gastroc & soleus
plantar fasciitis treatment
stretch, ice massage, orthotics
pes planus
flat foot
pes cavus
high arch
Jones fracture
complete fracture of 5th metatarsal, usually delayed healing
Jones fracture s/s
pain, swelling, pt tenderness, crepitus, can see on x-ray
march fracture
stress fracture of 2nd or 3rd metatarsal; most common stress fracture in foot
arch sprain treatment
support pads in shoes
bunion s/s
large toe assumes hallux valgus position
bunion history
usually pointy toed shoes
Morton’s toe
1st toe is too short, causes gait problems
Morton’s neuroma
plantar nerves compressed between metatarsal heads leading to chronic inflammation
Morton’s neuroma s/s
c/o paresthesia in foot
Morton’s neuroma history
pointy, too-tight shoes, ill fitting shoes
Morton’s neuroma palpation
tender between met heads
Morton’s neuroma treatment
met pads: teardrop shaped pad between met heads, metatarsal bar just proximal to met heads, change shoes
calcaneus fracture
lots of force direct blow
turf toe treatment
shoe w/ more rigid bottom, tape toe to limit ext., RICE
ingrown toenails history
not trimming nails strait across, corner grows into skin
ingrown toenails treatment
soak in warm water or betadine about 20 min., pull out imbedded nail & trim, pack wound w/ gauze

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