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Art History 1 S11:Early Medieval and Romanesque


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"millennieal Fever" is a term that describes the increased religious activity that occurred in anticipation of the year __.
A __ is a "shrine (or container) for holy relics.
Medieval artwork is ggenerally held to be a "fusion" between Roman and __ traditions.
The text on page 234 seems to imply that __ were peaceful people who were "beat back" by aggressive European Christians.
Carolingian art was made during the reign of __ around the year 800.
Allegory: A beautifully plumed bird covers itself with mud to fool a snake. When the snake is off guard, the bird strikes and kills the snake. Bird=?;Snake=?;Mud=?
Mud=human skin/form
[Adam was made from mud]
The major event in the formation of Germany, France, and Spain was the division of an empire for the grandchildren of __.
True or False: The Sutton Hoo Ship Burial contains the remains of an Anglo Saxon King.
[We don't know who it contains]
The Book of __ is an 8th century Gospel from an Island near Scotland.
Name and briefly describe the two most common forms of book:
scroll-rolls of paper
codex-number of folded sheets stitched together
__ terrified, attacked, and looted Europe from 800 to 1100, even establishing an outpost on the eastern coast of North America.
Charlemagne called the Benedectine Monks his __ __.
cultural army
Three reasons for the Crusades:
1-Christian Pilgrimmage
2-Political Control
Place the following Medieval stylistic periods in the correct chronological order:
Romanesque, Ottonian, Gothic, Carolingian, & Byzantine
1-Byzantine, 2-Carolingian, 3-Ottonian, 4-Romanesque, 5-Gothic
Carolingian architects invented the monumental entrance known as __.
Ottonian innovation was primarily in the area of __.
The Romanesque period saw an increase in urban population and __.
Translate to English: "ego sum lux mundi."
I am the light of the world.
True or False: Medieval local rulers and chartered towns resisted central authority.
Name two significant events that happened in the year 1054.
1-Battle of Hastings
2-Supernova [star exploded]
In 1066, Duke William of Normandy invaded __ during the battle of Hastings and became known as William the __.
The famous work of art that depicts the battle of Hastings is known as the __ __.
Bayeux Tapestry.
One artifact of the Crusades is known as the Twelfth Century Renaissance. This jump in culture was due primarily to th foreign contact during __.
In church architecture, the area where the nave and teh transept intersect is known as the __.
What was the defense of monks who stole the relics of Saint Fow?
They said that Saint Foy told them to steal it because the saint wanted to be move. They called it holy robbery.
One of the more notable features of Romanesque architecture is __ Sculpture.
The semicircular area above an entrance is known as the __.
Define each castle term: keep, bailey, motte, moat
keep-tower within a castle courtyard; bailey-courtyard surrounded by high walls; motte-manmade hill on which a castle is built; moat-water filled ditch that surrounds the courtyard walls

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