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FA Parasitology


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undercooked pork tapeworm

larva cause mass lesions in the brain, cysticercosis

Tx: praziquantel/ niclosamide
Taenia solium
Eggs in Dog feces when ingested can cause cysts in liver

cause anaphylaxis if echinococcal antigens are released from cysts

Tx: albendazole
Echinococcus granulosus
snails are host

cercariae penetrate skin of humans

cause granulomas, fibrosis, and inflammation of spleen and liver

Tx: Praziquantel
acquired from undercooked fish

causes inflammation of the biliary tract

Clonorchis Sinosis
found in undercooked crabmeat

causes inflammation and secondary bacterial infection of the lung

Tx: Praziquantel
Paragonimus wetermani
larvae penetrate skin of feet

intestinal infection can cause anemia

Dx made by eggs in stool

Tx: Mebendazole/ pyrantel pamoate
Ancylostoma duodenale (hookworm)
Eggs are visible in feces

intestinal infection

Tx: Mebendazole/ pyrantel pamoate
Ascaris lumbricoides
giant round worm
fecal- oral transmission; food contaminated with eggs

intestinal infection

causes anal puritus

Tx: Mebendazole/ pyrantel pamoate
Enterobius vermicularis
larvae in soil penetrate the skin

intestinal infection

Tx: ivermectin/ thiabendazole
Strongyloides stercoralis
transmitted in undercooked meat, usually pork

inflammation of muscle, periorbital edema

Tx: thiabendazole
Trichinella spiralis
in drinking water

causes skin inflammation and ulceration

Tx: niridazole
Dracunculus medinensis
Transmitted by deer fly

causes swelling in skin

can see worm crawling in the conjunctiva

Tx: Diethylcarbamazine
Loa loa
transmitted by female black flies

causes river blindness

Tx: Ivermectin
Onchocerca volvulus
Food contaminated with eggs; fecal oral transmission

causes granulomas(if in retina -> blindness) and visceral larvae migrans

Tx: Diethylcarbamazine
Toxocara canis
transmitteed by female mosquito

causes blockage of lymphatic vessel


Tx: Diethylcarbamazine
Wuchereria bancrofti
fecal oral transmission

causes abdominal pain, diarrhea

eggs visible in stool

prolapsed rectum in sever cases

Tx: Mebendazole
Trichuris trichiura
brain cysts, seizures
taenia solium
liver cysts
Echinococcus granulosus
B12 deficiency
Diphyllobothrium latum
biliary tract disease
Clonorchis sinensis
Paragonismus westermani
portal hypertension
Schistosoma mansoni
hematuria, bladder cancer
Schistosoma hematobium
Microcytic anemia
Ancylostoma, Nectar
Perianal pruritus (itchy butt)

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