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Cell Terms


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Found in the cytoplasm and packages secretions, modifies protiens and transports them to the exterior of the cell
Golgi Bodies
Surrond cell, outside in animal cell and inside in wall of plants. Controls entry and exit of substances, dtects hormomones, chemicals etc.
Plasma Membrane
Found in the cytoplasm. controls the cell and carries the gentic code.
Found in the nucleus, carries the genetic code as genes - sections of DNA
Found in the nucleus, assembles ribosmoes
Runs through cytoplasm from nucleus to plasma membrane. Transport system, anchor for enzyme reactions and site of synthesis of some substances.
Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)
Bound on the rough ER and free in the cytoplasm. Site of protien synthesis
Found in the cytoplasm contains digestive enzymes that recylce chemicals and worn out plant cell parts.
Centre of plant cells in cytoplasm. Plants - storage, act as fluid skeleton, hold colour and poison. Animals - food vacuoles are formedby phagocytosis prtotozoa: contractile vacuoles pump ot excess water for osmoregulation
Found in the cytoplasm, site of aerobic respiration kerbs cycle in matrix and electron transprt on cristae.
Found in the cytoplasm of plants. Site of photosynthesis. Found only in plants
Found outside the cell. Moves around cilia.
Outside plant cells, gives shape and strength to a plant cell. Only in plants
Cell wall

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