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Religion lesson 3, 4, 5


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Who is jesus
Jesus is God the Son, our Savior
Whom did John the Bapist baptize?
John the Baptist babtized Jesus at the Jordan River .
Who tempted Jesus?
The Devil tempted Jesus.
Why did Jesus go into the desert for forty days?
Jesus went into the desert to prepare His work by fasting and praying.
What prayer did Jesus teach us?
Jesus preformed his first miracle at Cana.
Question 1.

Whom did Jesus die for?
Jesus died for us.
Question 2.

How did Jesus make up for all sins and save us?
Jesus died on the Cross.
Holy Family
Jesus, Mary and Joseph
one who speaks about god .
to eat less food and to go without your favorite food for a period of time.
a physical sign given to us by Jesus through which jesus meets us and givesw us grace.
Choosing to do what God asks.
something that makes a wrong choice look good.
Jesus christ
to put to death on a cross.

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