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Latin Pronouns


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This girl (nom)
Haec puella
This girl (acc)
Hanc puellam
To this girl
Huic puellae
Of this girl
Huius puellae
By this girl
Hac puella
These girls (nom)
Hae puellae
These girls (acc)
Has puellas
To these girls
His puellis
Of these girls
Harum puellarum
By these girls
His puellis
This slave (nom)
Hic servus
This slave (acc)
Hunc servum
To this slave
Huic servo
Of this slave
Huius servi
By this slave
Hoc servo
These slaves (nom)
Hi servi
These slaves (acc)
Hos servos
To these slaves
His servis
Of these slaves
Horum servorum
By these slaves
His servis
This temple (nom)
Hoc templum
This temple (acc)
Hoc templum
To this temple
Huic templo
Of this temple
Huius templi
By this temple
Hoc templo
These temples (nom)
Haec templa
These temples (acc)
Haec templa
To these temples
His templis
Of these temples
Horum templorum
By these temples
His templis
That girl (nom)
Illa puella
That girl (acc)
Illam puellam
To that girl
Illi puellae
By that girl
Illa puella
Of that girl
Illius puellae
Those girls (nom)
Illae puellae
Those girls (acc)
Illas puellas
To those girls
Illis puellis
By those girls
Illis puellis
Of those girls
Illarum puellarum
That slave (nom)
Ille servus
That slave (acc)
Illum servum
To that slave
Illi servo
By that slave
Illo servo
Of that slave
Illius servi
Those slaves (nom)
Illi servi
Those slaves (acc)
Illos servos
To those slaves
Illis servis
By those slaves
Illis servis
Of those slaves
Illorum servorum
That temple (nom)
Illud templum
That temple (acc)
Illud templum
To that temple
Illi templo
By that temple
Illo templo
Of that temple
Illius templi
Those temples (nom)
Illa templa
Those temples (acc)
Illa templa
To those temples
Illis templis
By those temples
Illis templis
Of those temples
Illorum templorum

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