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What are the other scriptures?
John 3:16
Acts 3:19
Ephesians 2:8-9
John 14:6
What are the Roman road verse numbers?
Rom 3:10
Rom 5:8
Rom 6:23
Rom 10:9-10
Rom 10:13
Romans 10:17
What is Romans 3:10?
Understand that ALL have sinned!
What is Romans 5:8?
Understand that God loves us anyway!
What is Romans 6:23?
Know that sin results in death and hell but God offers the gift of eternal life through Jesus.
What is Romans 10:9-10?
Confess Jesus as Lord of my life and believe in my heart that God raised Him from the dead.
What is Romans 10:13?
Call upon the name of the Lord.
What is Romans 10:17?
Accept the free gift of faith in Christ that comes by hearing the Word of God.
What is John 3:16?
Know that God loves us so much that He gave His Son, Jesus, so that whosoever believes in, clings to, relies upon, and trust in Him shall be saved.
What is Acts 3:19?
Repent (Change direction. Turn away from sina dn turn to Christ).
What is Ephesians 1:8-9?
Know that salvation is by God's grace (unmerited favor) and that there is no work that one can do to earn or receives God's free gift.
What is John 14:6?
Jesus said that He is the only Way to Heaven.
What is the prayer of Salvation?
Dear Lord Jesus, I believe that You died for my sins and Gopd raised You fropm the dead. I admit that I am a sinner, and the best I know how, I turn away from my sins to You. I ask You to come into my heart and be my Lord and Savior. Thank You for saving and forgiving me. With Your help, I will live for You the rest of my life. All this I ask in Jesus' name.

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