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English Authors


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Who wrote about the 13 virtues?
Name 4 of the virtues and describe them
What was the concept?
temperance-restraint in behavior
order-freedom from disorder or disruption
patience-ability to wait without frustration
chasitiy-refraining from sexual actions

one virtue per week and after 13 weeks u will attaint perfection but he doesnt succeed he just becomes a better person
Who wrote Poor Richards Almanac? What was it?
Franklin, contained information and aphorisms
what are aphorisms? name 3
short, concise statement expressing a wise observation or general truth
Who wrote about "fathery advice?"
Who was the most powerful orator?
What was Henrys quote?
"Give me liberty or give me death"
Who was elected to VA House of Burg
Who was the most political writer of the Rev?
Who wrote Common Sense?
Why was Common Sense popular?
it criticized the king
Who died unhappy and why?
Paine because he was an unrecognized hero
What was te "American Crisis" and who wrote them?
16 essays by Paine
What else did Paine write about? What happened to him after this?
The "Rights of Man" he was imprisoned for criticizing religion
what was michel guollaume keane crevercuer's nickname?
hector st. john
who spent 10 years traveling thru colonies
who went to jail? what happened when he came back
crevecuer, his farm burned, wife killed, children taken
who was the first writer to compare amer to a melting pot?
hector st john
who wrote in epistle form?
what is an epistle?
formal composition written in form of letter addressed to different ppl for general audience
who was the first sec of state?
who was an outspoken defender of amer rights?
who was the 3rd amer pres?
when did Jefferson die?
dec of ind-july 4 1826--50ann
Who compares colonists to chains in slavery?
who says the men will run away when times get tough?
Who makes a prediction that ppl who come to amer will one day unite together?
What did Crevecuer argue?
that if u come to amer there will be a new culture for us and u can start new businesses and have ur own origin
How does Henry predict the future?
by the past

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