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Developmental 2


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what is the heretability of intelligence? of personality?
.50 for both
can effects of PKU be reversed?
what is heretibility of PKU? if parents both carry recessive trait what is the heretibility?
yes with strict diet
what is the likelihood of transmission of huntington's disorder?
4 types of chormosomal disorders are?
which one only affects males?
-down syndrome
-fragile X

name the 6 infant reflexes
define the babinski, moro, & tonic reflexes
-babinski- infant spreads toes
-moro- infant grabs for support
-tonic- extend arm when head turned
what decrease the effects of stress during pregnancy?
social supports for the mother
what is the range of reaction?
genotype/heredity sets the limits
what did piaget mean by adaptation?
what are two aspects of it?
-schema building
-assimilation -fit into preexisting schema
-accommodation -form new schema
what are the 4 stages of piaget's cognitive development theory?
concrete operational
formal operational
what happens in each of piaget's cognitive stages?
-sensorimotor- object permanence
-preoperational- egocentricism, magical thinking, & animism
-concrete operational- conservation
-formal operational- imaginary audience, idealistic, & personal fable
vygotsky's important concept was..
zone of proximal development
Piaget's moral development theory 2 stages are:
Define each...
-heteronomous- strict adherence to the rules
-autonomous- flexible, rules can be altered if everyone agrees
Kohlberg's 3 phases of moral development are:
Define each...
-preconventional- focus on physical rewards
-conventional- focus on social rewards
-postconventional- focus on self chosen principles
who argued kohlberg's theory was sexist?
carol gilligan
how many cries do babies have?
in early development how do all babies sound?
alike, despite language parent speaks
bowlby states attachment occurs due to what 2 things...
biological preparation & proper environment
anaclytic depression often occurs in...
institionalized babies
the 4 patterns of attachment are:
avoidant, secure, resistant, disorganized
which attachment pattern is best?
which attachment pattern is indicative of abuse?
Baumrind stated which parenting style is best?
Baumrind stated which parenting style is associated w/delinquency?
Thomas & Chess talked about goodness of fit between...
parenting style and baby temperament
what 4 factors are correlated w/delinquency?
weak supervision, lack of parental rules, erratic discipline, impaired parent-child relationship
who has more difficulties neglected or rejected kids?
is adolescence a period of storm & stress?
not necessarily
marcia's 4 stages of identity are:
diffusion, foreclosure, moratorium, achievement
aggressive kids tend to lack... and are best reated with...
-social skills training
birth order has an the effect of ____ intelligence as # of children ____
quality daycare...
has no adverse impact
divorce cause problems if...
how are boys are affected?
how are girls are affected?
what happens to parents during divorce?
what can reduce impact of divorce?
-open parent conflict
-later on (sleeper effect)
-diminished ability to parent
-another adult present in home (buffering effect)
maternal employment leads to...
kids w/more egalitarian beliefs
violent tv watching leads to...
increased tolerance to aggression
the classic aging pattern of intelligence is...
CM,IN,AR,VC -no decline
DS,SM -small decline
BD,CD,PA,PC -large decline
Kubler-Ross states the stages of death are: (DABDA)
denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance
age most anxious about death...
middle aged
cocaine associated with what 3 features in babies?
-environmental sensitivity
-crawl/walk early
-low birth weight
are the symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) reversible or irreversible?
what is the leading cause of MR in the US?
how long does brain development continue?
until adolescence
in the 1st week of life, baby smiling is associated with?
REM sleep
baby 1st words are...
give example...
objects of significance like nouns
mama or dada
bilingual children do better on what type of tests?
cognitive flexibility
is it better to be in a biligual program or english only program?
quality bilingual programs are just as good
what are the 3 typical baby responses to prolonged separation?
protest, despair, and initial detachment
when do children conform the most?
age 12-14
when do kids first lie?
age 3-4
to avoid punishment/ embarassment
Kochanska states a conscience develops based upon...
a child's temperament
when do boys grow to be faster and stronger than girls?
who has the worst outcomes as a result of development?
early blooming girls,
late blooming boys
do child fears remain the same?
when do they decrease?
no they vary w/development
> age 5
patterson's coercive family interaction model states...
kids learn to be aggressive by imitation
which age is at the highest risk for not following treatment regimen?
3 most common drug uses in teens are:
alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana
aging affects ___ or ___ but doesn't affect ___ or ___
PIQ or fluid intelligence -
VIQ or crystallized intelligence
aging causes decrease in which 2 types of memory?
episodic, metamemory
When is Female Orgasmic Disorder most common?
younger women
children begin to label themselves ethnically at what age?
5-9 years old
are premature babies different from their peers?
no... with a supportive environment & appropriate medical attention premature infants without significant abnormalities often catch up with their peers
what is recall like in infants?
-immediate recall by 11 months
-delayed recall by 13 months

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